Just My Opinion

Months ago I promised myself that I would stay away from blogging about politics. It was affecting my health. Yesterday, however, I watched Mrs. Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. They made it obvious to the viewer that this was a theatrical production. In one scene I saw workers handing out American Flags to the crowd. Why didn’t the delegates have their own flags I wondered? Later I heard a commentator explain that the Democrats did that to overshadow the many negative signs the Bernie Sanders people were waving. Another comment mentioned there is a poll that shows American flags appeal to Republican voters. There was not a single flag on stage during the entire convention.

One of my pet peeves is when a politician criticizes another politician for not divulging specific plans for how they will accomplish their agenda. The same person will then turn around and give a rousing speech in which he/she promises to change the world without a single hint as to how they will accomplish their goals. Last night was no different, Hillary chastised Trump for not having given any specifics about how he would accomplish all the tasks at hand. Immediately after that she went into her “I believe in” sequence where she promised the world a list of ideas which were just that, ideas. She didn’t offer any suggestions for how she would accomplish the mission except that she wouldn’t do it alone, and she would make the one percent pay a large share. She must have failed arithmetic, because the one percent doesn’t have enough money to support the current Big Government budget. Duh, why do you think the IRS knocks at the doors of fifty percent of the working population to collect taxes?

I have a message for Hillary, your list of dreams is a carbon copy of Obama’s and he also has not been working alone.  I won’t say he didn’t realize any because he has, but in my eyes even one is too many. She talked about how terrible it was for 94 million people to be out of work and that she would bring back jobs and rebuild the middle class. Hmmm, I think I heard that last week at the RNC.

Hillary won’t build a wall because her Neanderthal belief that Progressives should live with open borders and the planet Earth should be ruled by a single entity called the United Nations. How do you define a nation if there are no territorial borders? Why even have a United Nations if the planet is one giant country?  What she hides from us is that there is no middle class in a system with Progressive Big Government. There are Big Government bureaucrats and then there is us.

My opinion is if you or anyone you know wants this type of system ruling us, and the rest of the world, as one big place with only the atmosphere as the border then  go for it. History has shown that in every place this idea has been implemented, and there have been many, it has failed. Hillary and her Progressives will always argue that the last guys got it wrong and we will get it right. In the meantime you and I will be constrained to live the same as everyone else, that is except for the bureaucrats who are in charge of herding us from one corral to another. The bureaucrats will live high because they are smarter and better than the rest of us.The Progressive way of life is the twenty-first century caste system.

I am at an age where it won’t affect me too much because the life ahead of me is a lot shorter than the life I’ve had. The Democrats know that and there wasn’t a single mention of anything the Big Government would do for seniors. Instead their actions tell us where we stand. Shifting billions of dollars from Medicare to fuel Obamacare is one of the clues. Making it impossible for seniors over age seventy-five to receive some treatments is another.

My vote will not go to Hillary. She isn’t a leader, she is a enabler. All her life she followed in her husband’s shadow and continues to condone his behavior. Okay, I get it, he owes her for the crappy way he treated her, but I’m sure if Hillary was woman enough to satisfy his needs he might have treated her with more respect.



During the Democratic convention, I thought to myself, that if the libs want to kill the cons, they will select Hillary as their VP. Instead BO chose a very nice Senator from RI with a background in foreign affairs. Smart move, since BO doesn’t have a clue unless we’re speaking of Africa, or Indonesia.

All along, I kept telling myself that if McCain was smart, he would pick a woman as a running mate. My conundrum was the Nancy Pelosi image. Most women in politics are no different from their male counter parts.

Last Friday, when McCain announced his running mate, and I learned of her  credentials, I exclaimed, “what a genius.” She is Wonder Woman.

After thinking about it, I realized that Sarah Palin is not much different from my daughter. She is forty-five, one short thesis away from her PhD. in Oncology Nursing, she is a mother of two, she holds a full-time job in a hospital, and does consulting on the side. She and her working husband share care of the children. So, what is the big deal about Sarah Palin’s ability to run the country? Most young women of this generation are working mom’s with excellent credentials to lead. They are great time managers, and juggle tasks with ease. The difference between Sarah and my Jacque is her desire to take on the bullshit of running against the “good old boys.” She is as qualified as most women of her generation are. I don’t think I could say that for BO because I know too many men of his generation that are more than “articulate.” They build bridges, cure diseases, and invent new products. Senator BO has written a few useless bills which will no doubt leave us breathless, but poor. He is touted as having authored the first ethics bill in Illinois. Well, the governor recently vetoed an ethics bill because “it didn’t go far enough.” He organized a community on the South side of Chicago, whatever that means. He didn’t bring back the mills that caused these poor souls to become unemployed, or get these people jobs, but he did organize them. Nor did he get them retrained so they could find new work. I think it means that he encouraged them to “register” to vote so they could pick leaders who would get them more benefits.

It is  my belief that Sarah Palin, like many young women of today, will run circles around BO in any situation. Why are the libs so concerned about a VP choice, and comparing her to their presidential choice? Shouldn’t they be comparing her to Joe Biden?

Consider this:

It takes special people just to live in Alaska.

It takes a special person to take on the establishment and win.

It takes a special person to give money back to the tax-payers. Most would find a way to spend the surplus money on a new give away project to secure a continued existence in the administration.

Finally, when the libs can explain why there are so many unwed mothers in the midst of their party, then they can begin to pick on Palin’s daughter. My guess is that BO will dismiss that question as not relevent and move on, just as he has done on many issues. If the press had balls, they would look at the life of BO’s mother and her liberal-socialist leanings. What am I thinking, what influence would she have had on his upbringing?