We just gave the Taliban, an organization we have been fighting for twenty years, a complete army of equipment. All we can hope is that they are too stupid to operate it. Fat chance of them being stupid. They have maintained a pretty good fight for twenty years without fancy equipment so they must know something. The Chinese have copied all of our stuff and are smart enough to learn from it. Since we don’t make too many things in America anymore we sub it to China for manufacture. That gives them a pretty formidable war machine. Not only do they have the people to fight, but they have enough people left over to make more fighting stuff.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating. When I traveled to Singapore for my Company I was commissioned to to learn if the Singaporeans had the capability to make the molds we used to make our products. I fully expected to find Barney and Fred Simpson banging on metal with a stone hammer and a crude chisel. What I learned is that they were using more sophisticated CNC machine equipment than we had. And because they had to learn fast they trained young men from high school to operate the machines. Within a very short time these youngsters were making molds as good as we could with Tool and Die makers who went through years of apprenticeship to become tool makers. Because our guys were so well trained in making things manually, they commanded huge salaries. The Singaporean machinist who only had to learn how to run computer controlled machine made considerable less.

Fortunately the owner of our company did not trust the Chinese for a second and would not allow anything as critical as our main product molds be made in China. I do remember President Bill Clinton being accused of trading secret aircraft technology with them for what I don’t remember. I was so incensed by this knowledge that it didn’t matter to me what we got from the Chinese. Our company leader had a philosophy that he developed and paid for all of his proprietary equipment. He believed his competitors should have to do the same. Why gift them with the information they need to beat us? The same goes for our giving the Taliban anything other than a lack of American military to kill. They can all go to their version of hell as far as I am concerned, and we should all think the same way.

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  1. The hurried exit does make it seem like the Taliban will have access to a huge cache of arms. I would imagine, though, that there would be some deactivation system that the departing American soldiers will implement to make most of it unusable.

    • I hope you are correct, but there is not even a hint that is so..

  2. Well Hell! We just gave a 7th Centaury educated army of Toyota and motor bike driving zealots enough arms to fight a war for a few decades; including fighting against the U.S. Joe, it’s all about the dollar. There is no America first since Trump left the house. American corporations give a shit less about security of our country and citizens, make it in China and make a good profit. I am pretty certain that Sam Walton is spinning in his grave knowing that his family sold America out once he passed on. His pledge was sell American and buy American, not so much with his illiterate hillbilly family. Good post, good thoughts.

    • Thanks for your comment. I never thought of WalMart being part of the problem but they are.

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