Life Might Become Crappy

My attempt to write a piece of fiction has gone astray. Posting big lies on a blog is not acceptable. People who read blogs tend to believe that what they are reading is true. I proved to myself that I should not believe everything I read on the internet. Readers want to believe that the people they connect with on a blog are genuine and believable. As soon as I posted a very extreme story about an incident in which I was the protagonist I began to receive comments that scared me. Evidently one reader was especially affected and since he was from out of our country began to count the days before his return.

I suppose I can take that to mean that my writing was believable. A hint that I should complete the writing of two books which I began in 2015 but have never completed. If I were to place my energies toward something more productive than writing nonsensical super short vignettes about violence I might make the world a better place to live.

One reason that I am writing non-sense is to avoid giving my opinion about what is happening in the USA during this election count period. Today, I listened to a radio interview in which the broadcaster was questioning a listener if he thought that President Trump was a legitimate president. The listener would not give him a straight answer. In my mind I screamed my answer. “Trump is as legitimate as Obama was.” In fact I believe Trump is totally legitimate, and Obama was a complete fraud; he never proved to me that he was a “naturalized citizen.”

Trump is president until January 20, 2021 but the Biden camp is pushing for him to begin governing during the transition period. Biden will not be my president until all fifty states have certified that he has won. After that he might become my president if he acts like a real patriot and not a communist.

At this point I see Biden as a total fraud. He has spent his forty-seven years in government learning how to make a fortune for himself and his family. The Democratic Party has elevated him to the position of the most powerful man in the world. We’ll see how he fulfills that mission if he does.

At this point President Trump is using his directive to test the voting system to determine just how effective it is, and how legal it operates. I wish him luck because he has reached the section of swamp that has been cooking and brewing since 1776. Perhaps some day in the future this country will turn socialist, and when it does it will never again return to the democratic republic that it is now. Too many people have learned that they can live off the half that wants to fend for itself. What they don’t realize is that when we are all equal, life will be crappy for all.

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  1. I have found that writing short fiction is enjoyable for myself, my followers, and others to read. When I get political, or too realistic, that’s when I get pushback. Even my political post are satire and I tend to go after both sides equally, but some believe it to be true and react viscously. Those comments, I delete. This is not Facebook folks, it’s a blog about Texas and life in this state. I feel your predicament GJ. I like your stories, so don’t stop.

    • Thanks for sharing. It is good to know others have similar issues.

  2. I could be wrong, but weren’t there some reports a few years back about Biden saying he was out of money and Obama helped him financially during his son’s illness. I am commenting in context of Biden’s apparent wealth currently. I have also read somewhere he make a million dollars a year. Sounds quite substantial.

    • Biden made only what the government wages were for being a Senator or as Vice President. What is hidden from the public are the funds generated by his side jobs. Among them he has a Foundation to support Cancer research. The latest word is that the Fdn gives zero to cancer and pays big salaries. I don’t recall Obama ever helping him, but that could be very true.

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