Trouble Keeps Finding Me

Gosh my life has changed since I proclaimed myself a writer of fiction. The punch I took last Friday night at the bowling alley bar put me out of commission. Even though I went to the emergency room to get checked out, and sent home with a clean bill of health it seems I had some extenuating circumstances show up later. The guy who punched me, and who I then attacked viciously was not too happy. He was released from jail two days later and vowed to come and kill me.

He won’t succeed unless he puts a bullet into me from a block away. He won’t come near me because he knows that I can whup his ass in a heart beat crazy old man that I am.

Inspite of all that he showed up at my front door and began berating me as a human with utterly obnoxious obscenities, so I slammed the door in his face. Later that night I had a brick come flying through my front window. I filed a complaint with the police and the next day went to court to file a restraining order against him. If he comes within 500 feet of my front door he will go to jail.

Meanwhile, I had to repair a large picture window. First with plywood and finally with new glass, $$$$. For some reason before the window was closed up my furnace went out and I had to have a repair man come out to fix that too $$$$.

This afternoon, I went to the basement to retrieve something and the lights didn’t come on. One switch turns on three florescent fixtures at the same time. How could all three burn out simultaneously? I figured a breaker tripped, but I couldn’t find one that did. So, is this circumstance or is it the man’s evil double coming to taunt me?

Today, I learned that the guy who sucker punched me is a huge Biden fan. Since I am an even greater Trump fan I didn’t feel bad about the trouble he is in. If he continues to harass me with bricks he will pay the price of a person who believes in using fire-power as a deterrent. My front door and all my windows are now under camera surveillance so, it won’t be hard to identify the next poltergeist who guides a brick missile through my window.

The day after the incident my face was black and blue and a cap fell off my molar, $$$$$. He is getting even with me in the dentist chair since I was told this cap was temporary and that the proper fix would be an implant. There is nothing more aggravating than a tongue that won’t leave a huge cavity alone.

It is Friday night again and I am pondering whether to venture up to the bowling alley bar to see if the hot lady with shapely legs is there tonight. She caused me a lot of trouble and probably doesn’t even know it. I’ve decided to make this a Friday night without a date night period.

Believe it or not.

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  1. Grumpa: I’m new to this Word Press requirement in order to converse with you. Please ignore my mistakes, which will be many. Your experience with the brick is disgusting and more of it is happening all the time. I saw that the folks in DC who legally gathered and talked and chanted were attacked by “Antifa types” later that evening. Senior citizens, young man who might have been 30ish knocked to the ground, and his bicycle might have been stolen were targets. So sad to see this in America. In my naivete, I thought “who are these jerks?” I’d like to have pulled a gun shot the perps. I guess I am lowering myself to their level. Oh, well. I am glad that I don’t have another 30 years to live in this country, because I probably won’t like it much. But right now, I do love it.

    • The post you commented on is totally fiction which means it is all a lie. I have never been accosted by anyone on the street but I decided to write a very short story that portrayed an incident. Do not be afraid of living in this country. It is safe. All one needs to stay safe is to use common sense when moving about. Know your terrain, be aware, and just do what you would normally do.

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