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Peg and I went  to see Last Vegas this week, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The actors are all around our age and well suited to the roles. The premise of the story is that a group of four men all friends since they were ten gather in Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party for the one who never married. The film has one liners that will make any old guy split a gut. For instance in one scene, a hot thirty something lassie asks Cline if he does drugs, “does Lipitor count”he asks?  Michael Douglas who is seventy plays the part of the bachelor marrying a girl who is thirty-two. I found that a little unbelievable, but one can dream. Robert De Niro is the tough guy who saves the day for the group by knocking out a young virile bouncer who insults one of the four. His knock out turned into a bonus as the hotel made the guy apologize to the four and assigned him to take care of them at the hotel. Another bonus comes from the sickly member of the group played by Morgan Freeman. His portrayal and comedic delivery, along with that of Kevin Cline, was the best.  Douglas and De Niro played the more dramatic parts. Freeman uses his life savings at the black-jack table in trying to underwrite the bachelor party.

The story was actually pretty good and the characters were real. What I found amazing are the Las Vegas bar scenes loaded with semi nude girls hitting on young men. Glitz, money, and drugs are in abundance, and I found the bar scenes unreal, but that is the three-generation gap showing up. All I can add is that the bar scene was quite different in my day, and the young women were a bit more unapproachable. My generation had to work a lot harder to attract a girl’s attention. If we were lucky enough to succeed, the outcome was usually a date to the movies and a soda parlor afterward. The father of my date told me to have her home before mid-night, while the Las Vegas bar parties begin at eleven p.m.

Peg and I found ourselves laughing out loud throughout the film, and we both gave it four stars because we found it so entertaining.


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