My Take On Non Essential Services


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Well, the government shut down and it is my fault, since I am the nasty ass Tea Party Patriot that demanded his Congressman hold the line on spending. Come and get me Obama.

Since I am responsible for the shut down I should have some say in which non-essential services go.

1. Close the kitchen in the White House and send the cooks home.

2. Same for the housekeeping staff

3. No more gas or chauffeurs  for the Beast, helicopter, Air Force One, or the fleet of limos.

4. No Secret Service protection for the man or his family.

5. Close all dining and cafeteria services in the Senate building.

All of the people affected by these services continue to draw healthy pay checks and can afford to eat out, use cabs, and hire outside cleaning services.

The first lady can haul her butt out to the White House farm and harvest some okra and collard greens. She might even try to light the stove in the kitchen and cook with the girls.

The Senate can call Tony from Villa Rosa in Frankfort. Tony will be happy to arrive daily at the front door of the Senate building with his food truck and supply Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and the other ninety-eight shills who rejected all House proposals with some delicious South Chicago Heights Italian fare.

All affected will survive.

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  1. my sister has decided it is not worth it anymore..
    she is putting in her retirement ….she has handled the entire AF’ s
    unemployment by herself for over 15 years….
    she said today she has no faith or trust left…
    I think it’s what they want her to do…so they can hire a relative or
    more likely a bleeding heart liberal that will need 4 more people to do the job….
    I agree…why isn’t Mrs.Barrack 500+ staff considered non-essential…
    Good post Joe…and I loved the few question reblog LOLs..
    now I personally think they should let the National Zoo eeat out of the Obama’s gardens at the WhiteHouse..
    just a thought….
    Take Care…

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