A Faether’s/Feather’s Day Card From Brad

Last Sunday, like many fathers, I beamed with pride as my kids came together and we celebrated Father’s Day. One of the joys of the day is seeing them all together.

I knew I was in for a treat when, Brad, my youngest grandson sheepishly presented me with a hand-made beauty of a card.

His artwork is really good. Brad is in second grade and is an expert Lego builder. Give him a set of Lego blocks and he is gone until he executes the  blueprint to precision.

I’m giving Brad the business in this post because he knows me all too well. The picture he drew touched a nerve and I gave him the reaction he wanted. “Wabbits, you drew a Wabbit eating my flowers?”  His face broke into a huge grin showing off some new teeth. He knows I am at war with the Wabbits every year, and he chose to zing me about it. I love you Bradley, and Benjamin, and Jenna Rose, and Danny, and Joey, and Abbey, and Dana. Oh by the way, I love you too Steve, Jacque, and Mike, thanks for making all the great kids.


4 Responses

  1. Enjoy them while they are young and pray for them as they get older.

    • Great advice Chuck, thanks, I do.

  2. simply love as only a child can do…
    feathers a symbol from above….
    you have a wonderful gift there Sir….
    and your grandson is quite an artist!
    Thank you for sharing a beautiful sentiment
    Take Care…

    • I appreciate the comment. Kids are great, then they grow up.

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