Geography book upsets Williamson Co. parents

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Do You Know What Your Kids Are Being Fed In School?

This story got to me the second I saw it. What business is it of a textbook publisher to put opinion in a text book? I thought text books were to provide facts. Today, though the facts become blurred with supposition like those presented here.

Several Williamson County parents are asking for the school district to take a closer look at a book being used in a high school class.

via Geography book upsets Williamson Co. parents.

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  1. This is yet another example of textbooks being used as platforms for ideology or, in the case of many alleged History texts, the re-writing of history. This is absolutely disgusting. I hope that this story is about not really reading through the text when it was being chosen for the district. I wish I could say that I really believed that. I have become cynical with time. I used to teach American History and I saw the revisionist texts creeping into vogue. As for anti-Semitism, it, along with anti-Christian views seem to be flourishing today. I blame it partly (and that’s a BIG partly) on what constitutes the makeup of our government today as well as the rise of a particularly amoral type of liberalism. I’m afraid it is part of a Fourth Turning.

    • Baileyoski: What should we be doing as grandparents and parents to approve the books before they are used?

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