The Magnificent-Mob-Mile

Water Tower Place

Water Tower Place (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)

One of my favorite things to do is to walk Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The stretch of Michigan Avenue between Randolph, the Chicago River, and extending  to East Lake Shore Drive is one of the world’s classiest streets. The high-rise buildings form a canyon for gawkers like myself to enjoy the sights. It gives me a feeling of being, of having made it to walk shoulder to shoulder with the one percent. The former mayor created the Magnificent Mile and made it a showplace for the world. Every high style business is here along this stretch of road. The people who frequent the Mile are residents of Water Tower Place, the Hancock, the Drake,  and Lake Point Towers. It is fun to walk along with women wearing designer clothes and sporting purse dogs as I gape into shop windows looking at things I can never afford. It is even more fun to occasionally walk into one of the shops like Crate and Barrel to cruise the seven floors by escalator looking at all the magnificently stylish stuff for homes.

Eating along the Mag Mile is another treat. Today, I can only afford the food court in Water Tower Place, but in my better days I did eat a Spiaggia’s overlooking Lake Michigan, quite the experience. A favorite shop of mine was FAO Schwarz the toy store at the North end.  You know the one, the place with the giant piano keyboard built into the floor where you can tip toe around from key to key playing “Chop Sticks.” Hollywood filmed a scene there for the movie “Big,” with Tom Hanks. The store was too much for Chicago, and eventually left town. One can lose oneself in moments of opulence along the Magnificent Mile. The Mag Mile ends on the South at Millenium Park and a beautiful sculpt called “Cloudscape,”  or as we like to call it “The Bean.” Tourists from around the world come to visit Chicago  to see the Mag Mile and the Bean. They feel safe there at any time of the day or night. The place is magical at Christmas when millions of white lights cover the trees on both sides of the street. Near the North end of the mile near Water Tower Place is the Water Tower itself. The tower is a relic from the original city before it burned to the ground during the Chicago Fire. It remains as a hallmark of the city’s resolve to rebuild. Most postcards depicting Chicago feature the old Water Tower.

Imagine my surprise when I learned a mob of kids attacked the  Mag Mile. Evidently, their only fun in life it to harass fellow citizens. This incident will undo the repute of the Mile and spread like a cancer around the world. No longer will the women in high fashion feel safe strutting their stuff with dog in purse. Perhaps they will trade the purse dog for a pit bull. One thing for sure, one will not find me strutting among them anymore.

This flash mob thing is the result of our current joblessness. If these kids had jobs they would not be roaming the streets to create trouble. They might even be looking toward working out of the ghetto into the high society of the Mag Mile. Instead, we insist on creating a society that keeps them dependent upon the leaders of the socialist system that feeds off their votes. It is my contention that President Obama is responsible for creating much of this situation because of his highly effective campaign to pit blacks against whites, divide the classes and demonize those who have worked their way to a better life, and to create dependency. This is the transformation he energetically sold, and continues to sell.

What is sadder yet, is the masses continue to drink the Kool-aid and worship the ground he stands on. He doesn’t get any of the blame nor take any of the responsibility for this erosion of society. He does blame me and the society I live in. What he fails to recognize along with all of his socialist cronies in states like Illinois is that they are all broke, yet they want more than he can deliver.

Illinois like New York, and California, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan are all parasite States. They suck the life force from their populace, and sell it to us as the over addictive elixir of welfare.


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