Please Help Isabella

Some days, I get up with aches and pains and feel sorry for myself. Then, I begin to remember the many causes I support as a member of the Frankfort Lions Club. One of our most recent projects is to find a meaningful way to help the Brya family survive. Read the story of their kids at the website linked below, but what the family doesn’t talk about is their personal hardship. They have coped with raising two severely handicapped children for five years when another hardship struck, i.e. loss of income. Now they really hurt, but their mission to save their kids and to give them a life lives on and they cope. Don’t you wish we had the same courage and fortitude to deal with our petty problems?

Soon after I think of these kids and their parents all my aches and pains dissolve.

Help Grumpa Joe’s Place and the Frankfort Lions celebrate National Mobility Awareness month (May). One minute of your time will help Isabella Brya of Frankfort win one of three handicapped vans.

Isabella Brya
Isabella Brya

Vote for our local hero, Isabella Brya in the 2013 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest daily from March 11 – May 10 at

This link will take you to the voting page.

Please search for: Isabella, Brya, Illinois and cast your vote.

Because you may vote daily, you will have to register so the website can keep things honest.

Remember…vote daily

To learn Isabella’s story, or to make a donation toward her care, visit the website

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