A View From the Kitchen Window

After the news I got today that my former employer-mentor died I have to do something positive. On Wednesday this week, I presented our garden club with a movie titled Floral Wonders. The film is really a slide show of member’s flower gardens. This morning I decided to break out my segment of the original. I call it “2012 Monet Vision, A View From the Kitchen Window.” I moved a lot of stuff around and added a few more photos from my garden then added  new music.  It took me most of the day with all the interruptions I had. While the movie processed, I went out for my walk as a reward. When I returned the first thing I did was upload the file to YouTube. I wanted to share the film on grumpajoesplace. Unfortunately, YouTube took a long time to process the upload. That is when I switched to my e-mails and the day blew up.

Right now I’m working off a wine buzz after making a fantastic dish of wheat penne pasta with caramelized onions and sautéed broccoli smothered in sour cream and topped with a Tilapia fillet.

This year’s Monet Vision promised to be outstanding after that mild winter, but the über hot June and July did everything it could to roast the plants in place. In fact, I wound up replacing many  annuals with new ones, and my Lady’s Mantle perennials died of thirst. I hope you enjoy this video.


The video I mentioned in the last line, well, where is it? I wanted to post this story yesterday, but another IED went off and changed my day. It seems that we can ignore any law we want in the DSA (Divided States of America) except copyright laws. Google threatened to ban me from using their site if I persist in using copyrighted music in my videos. I featured music played by my friend Roger from Starperry Studios in Mulberry Florida with his permission. That is not good enough. The copyrights belong to dead people who actually wrote the tunes not the musicians that play it. They actually belong to companies that purchased the copyrights from the dead people’s heirs. I won’t elaborate on all the laws our government is ignoring in this piece but they are many.

I searched the net for royalty free music to download and redid the movie. I don’t like the tunes, but they are okay.  I crashed and burned before I could get it all completed for my self-imposed deadline.

One more time, please enjoy  “2012 Monet Vision, A View From the Kitchen Window.”

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  1. My fiancé and I have been known to make a few slide shows from our pictures. We too have a terrible time with the copyright laws. As a wannabe writer AND photographer I can understand the feelings of the artists protecting their craft. EXCEPT for the dead ones!

    Growing up dad and I had a song ‘My Girl” by the Temptations. He fought a two year battle with cancer and passed last February but before he went my fiancé and I made a slide show with pictures of him and all of his girls, daughters, nieces, friends, wives, mother, sisters; my dad loved his girls! We shared it with him but never could share it anywhere online.

    We did one more for my dad and step mother that is still up . This was thier song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka6Lve1mN74

    • Just keep making your movies for the family. I put whatever kind of music I want as background when I publish home movies for the kids.

    • lingering visions: I just watched your video slide show. It is very well done. I got the feeling your parents were very much in love with each other.

      • It was a wonderful tribute to them. Thanks for watching.

  2. Beautiful video! So sorry to hear of you loss. I hope you are doing well today. 🙂

    • Gigglebox, I just love that name. I am doing well. When one is stricken with news they don’t want to hear it often overwhelms them, at least it does me. The loss of a man who I respected was one of those news events. What really bothers me is that I am not much younger than him. Such is life, we march on. Thanks for your consoling comment.

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