Everytime a Bell Rings

This afternoon, I came home from a beautiful walk around Frankfort and went to check my e-mails. My beautiful day exploded. I received news that the Leader I wrote about a few days ago has died.

I haven’t seen him since I retired eleven years ago, but I wrote to him yearly and filled him in on what I was doing. He answered me once, and I have kept the letter as a treasure. Jack E. Caveney built a company from scratch, and no, Obama didn’t help him do it. Jack’s company was his life. He owned it til his death, he remained active as an inventor, and maintained a strong hand in the operation.

His death has overwhelmed me with sadness, and I will miss him.

I’ve asked my deceased wife Barb to welcome him into the choir of angels and to show him around heaven. She no doubt met him at the gates with Saint Peter.

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  1. Grumpa Joe, you have my sympathy and prayers. Losing someone so close makes for a difficult time. Just know he is in a better place. Chuck

    • Thanks Chuck. The man was my mentor and employer. At times I hated him, and at times I loved him. He was a hard task master, but he was very fair. I loved working for him even though he stressed me out innumerable times.

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