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When I was a kid, my mom raised chickens in the backyard. I often heard the hens clucking and the rooster crowing. Eventually they made it to our Sunday dinner table. You know what? It didn’t matter how much they strutted their stuff, eventually they all made it into the  pot, and they all tasted the same.

The current rooster-in-chief will eventually make it into the pot too.

Obama’s foreign policy to ass kiss the muslim world is what causes him to fear calling them terrorists. He goes out of his way to refrain from calling their horrendous deeds “acts of terror.” In my neighborhood we called a “spade a spade.” It is what it is Mr. President. Grow some gonads and take the step to be a Commander-in-chief. Call a terrorist what he is a terrorist. Terrorists commit terrorists acts. See that wasn’t hard was it?

I never thought the possibility of living through two atomic bomb attacks in my lifetime was a reality. I do now.


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  1. Originally, he and his campaign didn’t want to call it a terrorist attack because their campaign ads and debate strategy called for him to be bragging about killing OBL and stopping Al-Qaeda in its tracks.

    Now he won’t call it a terrorist attack because he doesn’t want to talk about it at all.

    – Jeff

    • I agree with you completely.
      I just listened to Kate McFarland tell her experience working in the White House during Nixon’s Watergate problem, and in the Pentagon during the Contra Missile scandal. She explained that the Gov’m’nt uses a process during a cover-up. First they deny, then they leak info from many sources to confuse the issue. She said eventually, a whistle blower will come out of the woodwork and begin telling what really went down. The truth will come out. I hope our Congress has the cajones to begin impeachment if the President is still in office.

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