Is This the America I Want?

Ten years ago, I read a book by a little known author named Dinesh D’Souza. The book is “What is so Great About America?” I know what is good about America because I live it, but I wanted the perspective of a young man who came to America from India. He had to learn what is good the hard way. In my mind, he would re-educate me on that which I take for granted.

D’Souza’s book did not disappoint me. He learned very quickly the basic reasons the people of the world admire America, and why some want to destroy us because of our success. I won’t get into the details of the book except to say the word “LIBERTY,” plays a huge role in why America is great.

Yesterday, Peggy and I met up with a group of friends at the AMC movie-theater for the 11:45 a.m. showing of a film titled “2016: Obama’s America.”  The movie is an excellent documentary based on D’Souza’s more recent book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

Dinesh D’Souza is expert at unraveling Obama’s background from Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father,” and Obama’s flowery speeches designed to mask his true intentions.  Throughout the film D’Souza explains from where Obama derives his ideas. D’Souza then ices the cake by showing us how Obama’s actions comply exactly with his policies. There is no doubt left in the viewer’s mind that the stated policy and the action are congruent.

There are some amazing scenes in the movie taken in India and Africa, in villages where people live in extreme conditions. My mind’s eye saw these scenes evolving in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and every  city in America. It is not a pretty picture to imagine yet our current direction under Obama will lead us there.

D’Souza interviews Obama’s half brother George in Africa. George seemed like a nice man although somewhat shy about answering questions. George is the antithesis of Barack who answers questions endlessly as though his goal is to run out the clock. George answered in short concise phrases. George’s answer to one question in particular stayed with me. The question asked if Kenya was better off after it broke the colonial ties from Britain. George answered by citing other African countries like South Africa where whites have led longer, and who are better off than Kenya.  (I’m sorry George, but isn’t that a bit racist?)

Another policy exposed is Obama’s desire to level the USA with the rest of the world in nuclear weapons. D’Souza displays a map of the world showing the number of nuclear warheads Obama is leading us to. The revealing graphic showed Russia with 1500 and the USA with zero.  The Muslim countries had more nuclear weapons than America.

Near the end of the film we are sitting in a classroom full of first or second graders reciting and singing praises to Obama’s greatness.

The most shocking fact came near the end; a graph of the debt America will carry in the future. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that so much debt will lead us into a standard of living equal to that of the hovels and tin shanty villages of India and Kenya.

After the movie we went to lunch where eight of us discussed the film and its messages. Some thought the movie was long others like myself thought it went like the speed of light. After our discussions I concluded those who thought it long leaned toward the hope and change concept.

If you care about America, you must see this film to learn for yourself  how Obama defines Hope and Change, then ask yourself is this the America I want?

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  1. Not being American and not needing to decide who to vote for in the US elections, I don’t hold strong views about the policies of the US President. Without taking sides, what does amaze me, though, is how ONE MAN can make such a huge impact in an ostensibly civil, democratic, free nation. Aren’t there checks and balances that have been enshrined in the rule-book?

    • Ankur: Thank you for the insightful comment. Where do I begin? To answer your question about checks and balances will depend on which process you refer to. If you ask about our system of government the answer is yes. The Founding Fathers set forth a system of three equal but separate branches of government, executive, legislative, and judicial. Their original fear was that an overly powerful legislative could take over and rule. What is happening in America today, is a Leftist movement that dislikes playing by the rules of the Constitution and prefers doing what it wants. Our current president is over using his Executive Order privilege to circumnavigate the Congress. The Senate is currently Democrat, and the House of Representatives is Republican. This makes for a legislative gridlock which is what the Founders intended. When the balance is absent no one party can gain advantage over the other. In this case however, the Executive is playing with new rules it has introduced. Namely, use the bureaucratic departments to legislate through regulations thus by-passing the Congress completely. The president is in power grab mode backed by leftist organizations.
      If the question was “are there checks and balances in the election process,” the answer is not unless there is a free press. The free press is key to vetting candidates and bringing issues forward to be debated before the public. The free press disappeared during the last election cycle. It became the voice of the candidate. Why they did that is also complicated: 1. The press wanted to show the world that America is beyond its racist past by supporting a black candidate, and thus became a part of his campaign. 2.) There is a heavy concentration of Leftists in the press.
      Obama openly declares that during the 2008 election his campaign controlled the message. There was only one cable network which reported on issues in a balanced way.
      There are hundreds of Leftist organizations in America who openly work to influence the government. These groups have been working behind the scenes for forty years waiting for an opportunity to use their plans to transform America into a socialist state. They have hundreds of thousand of members, and billions of dollars of resources to throw at their cause. They are the ones who backed Obama, they are the ones who set his agenda. Obama just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be used by these groups.

      • Grumpa,
        Thanks for the detailed response. I am following the buildup to the upcoming US elections.with more and more interest.

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