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  1. Hey Grumpa, I want to make a comment on this. I have fought a battle in my heart between my relationship with God and my sexual orientation for more than half my life. It is an issue that literally tears me up every day – I refuse to compromise my faith but I can’t deny who I am either. I contend that the ‘marriage debate’ is a battle over semantics. I have no desire to challenge the Catholic (or Christian) definition of marriage in context of the church. I do, however, contend that two people who love each other and commit their lives to each other deserve a level of respect that is recognized in our laws (outside of the church) as well. Even with respect to adoption – there are so many children who have no home or family whatsoever; even if you believe a child should be raised by a man and a woman, isn’t it better for that child to have a loving home than no home at all? I believe that heterosexual divorce is far more destructive to the sanctity of marriage than same-sex marriage, but Christians fight same-sex marriage with extreme conviction and then forgive those heterosexual Christians who divorce. Does that seem appropriate and fair to you?

    Anyway, I wrote a post about this which I would greatly appreciate your honest and respectful right-wing perspective on if you have the time.


    My best to you, your readers and family –


    • Matt: First, thank you for the comment. Second, I agree with you one hundred percent. The biblical definition of marriage defined as between one man and one woman must stand. Who are we to rewrite the word of God which has stood for so many centuries? There has to be an easier way to work this out by calling homosexual marriage something else with an equal reverence. I will visit your blog and comment.

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