Cut 1.5 Trillion From Federal Budget in Ten Minutes

My Flag Flies Every Day

Watch this video for a very brief and concise plan to cut Federal Spending by 1.5 trillion in ten years.. This task took the 535 several weeks to decide they could not do it. Amazingly, not  a single social program was touched. So what is our problem? Maybe the 535 should be impeached for failure to do the job.

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  1. Hi a really big for that well prepared information.I am bookmarking you for future reference.continue the great work.

  2. It would be nice if IMPEACHMENT worked, remember Monica and Bll Clinton.

    • How could Anyone forget Monica and Bill? The trouble with Impeachment is the Congress doesn’t have the cajones to go forward with the next step, i.e. a trial.

      • You remember when Henry Hyde quietly retired from the political scene without even a, ,,,,,,. There is no difference between an elephant and a jackass.

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