Alien Terrorists Spring Into Action

The offensive has begun. Alien invaders have come out of winter hideouts en masse, and aggressively make forward progress. Not one, but several species have spread rapidly to overtake sleepy residents.  Tribal names like cirsium vulgare, ranunculus abortivus, and oxalis stricta winter in different forms and patiently await the proper daylight to spring from the earth.

Left unchecked, the terrorists overtake desirable citizens to the detriment of the local constabulary.  The military must attack in various ways to setback and control these rugged aliens.

The Constabulary Intelligence Agency (CIA) has surveillance photographs of the culprits along with their locations and numbers.

The CIA Chemical Warfare (CIACW) unit has been summoned to spread the dreaded and deadly glyphosate spray over the cirsium vulgare. CIA Special Operations (CIASO) will attack the ranunculus abortivus, and the oxalis stricta with hand to hand combat.

Without this proactive effort the aliens will overtake the desirable citizenry and hold them hostage throughout the summer.

CIA photos have been released for identification purposes.

Cirsium Vulgare, Bull Thistle

Ranunculus Abortivus, Small Buttercup

Oxalis stricta, Wood sorel

Warning!  If you see any of these Aliens on your  property, SHOOT TO KILL.

3 Responses

  1. A creative way to write your post! Without losing the essence!

  2. Wonderful!
    I have been fighting these
    aliens for a couple weeks now
    they have taken on my gardens especially the pathways
    today I took shovel and dug them out by the roots of the dark hideoouts!

    Thank you I so needed this life!

    Take Care…

    • Gardening can be a joy or a drudge. I choose to make it a joy even when the work begins to make my body cry for help. Seeing the flowers bloom makes it all worth the pain. Thanks for the encouragement.

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