PPACA is Creeping Into Our Lives

Questionnaire required by Obama Care

Today, I had the misfortune to need a doctor. It wasn’t an emergency, I just needed relief from a nagging sinus infection. I checked in at the window and the receptionist handed me the above  questionnaire.

“Fill it out and give it to the nurse.”


I sat down and read the questions. At first, I thought it was the sinus affecting my thinking, but as I read further and pondered how to answer, it made little to no sense. Even so, I completed the questions and added a lot of extra words in order for it to make sense to me.  A good form design allows one to circle answers without having to write an essay on each question.

I quickly surmised that two of the four questions targeted women, so I didn’t answer them I don’t think I need a mammogram, nor a bone density scan.

I had a colonoscopy last summer, so I circled  yes, and wrote 2011 to answer when? What threw me for a loop was the second line

“No/Do you wish to have one?” Suppose I didn’t have one last year, do I circle “No/?” Where do I reply for “Do you wish to have one?” Do I circle the “Yes?”  But, that means I had one, and what if I don’t want one?  What if I had one and answered yes, but want another one? Where and how do I answer?

I did my best and signed it.

I handed it to the nurse when I entered the exam room, and told her this form gives me the impression it is from the PPACA. She looked confused, “Obama Care,”  I said. She smiled and asked me to step on the scale.

My Doc came in and I hit him between the eyes with his dumb form, he glared at me. We’ve known each other for twelve years so I knew he could take my shit. In spite of my antagonism, he examined me, and we discussed my symptoms, he wrote three prescriptions. As he left the room he said, “You know that form is from the  man who currently resides in a big White House, don’t you?”

“I kind of figured that is where it came from, it is probably page 1913.”

Doc explained that Obama Care requires screening for diseases, if doctors can’t prove they are doing the screening they won’t get paid. I can tell you that my doctor does plenty of pre-screening which is why I had a colonoscopy last summer and I got my flu-shot in September. The difference is now he has to make his patients fill out a dumb form and he has to keep it for future inspections to prove he screened me. Now that is saving a lot of money for you and me isn’t it? I bet the guy who comes to audit the Doctor will make $150,000 a year, won’t have a high school diploma, he will belong to the SEIU, and the talent agent who recommends him will be ACORN.

Happy Anniversary Obama Care!

Please take the  pol below on healthcare.

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  1. medical transcription program
    Areas like medical transcription websites actually tends to make me questioning. I could not have stated it better!

  2. Oh yes, news update, that’s not Obamacare at work, my fiance who works in the healthcare industry, says that those are normal questions to ask to begin with, and I’m not trying to assume anything from your wordpress.com screen name, but I’m going to guess you are around mid-life or later, and those are things that need to/or should be done as preventative care to begin with, not to burst your bubble or anything.

    • Thanks for your insight. I agree the questions are valis. The form is horrible. The doctor has recommended these and many other screenings for many years. He responded to a section in the health care law that requires proof of screening for these specifics. Without proof he can lose payment.
      I am 73, there is no question I am beyond mid-life.

  3. I highly doubt this is a true thing.. this is probably a doctor trying to make a point and scare people, such as yourself, because he will no longer be paid by the quantity of care he delivers, but quality, that is the change of focus. I think it is more likely that this is the case. He does not have to “offer” it, his whole goal was not to flood doctors offices with the newly added 30 million people January 1, 2014. Of course I will do my homework on this, thank you for the article to read, interesting nonetheless.

    Also, if the regulation is 4 questions?? I highly doubt that’s a huge regulatory burden, in fact i heard the postal service is willing and ready to work.

    • This is the first of many more hidden regulations that will creep into our lives. We don’t know yet, there are too many pages filled with too many references that take us to more pages of rules, regulations, laws etc. Try reading the document and see if you can make sense of it.
      The only time this doctor tries to scare me is when he thinks I am in need of a test I am unwilling to take. He was pro Obama Care.

  4. In my opinion and with all respect,
    It’s not about Obama or any other U.S. president; is about the system … This is what has the world in decay.
    In my country 23 years ago, for less than what is happening in Spain, Greece and / or Europe, there was a Revelión called The Caracazo that cost many lives, but what us led to the change that we needed! And yet, they call us contemptuously Indians, (as if the indigenous were less than others).
    Far from what the press says – national and international – Venezuela enjoys a genuine democracy, we have medical services, education, housing, pensions, all free and working perfectly! For this reason, a minority with economic power, makes war every day.

    “The World Upside Down” as Galeano says…

    Currently the media war prevails. Medias that are in the hands of powerful in the world, and have the power to manage the masses like sheep.

    For this I must add,
    Poor of those countries like Venezuela, and all countries that have oil and mineral wealth…

    The great sin of my country is to have the biggest oil reserves (proven), so we are surrounded by U.S. bases.

    • Gaby: Thank you for the insightful comment. I am not quite sure how to respond, however, since I know so little about your country. I will research Caracazo to learn more.

      • Thanks Grumpa! Sometimes when I read things about politics, I find it almost impossible not to give my opinion, not because I like politics, but because I understand certain things happen affecting the world… too, because not many know realities of certain countries, such as mine, but they are informed by the international press that in most cases manipulated or distorted the information … They also repeated to make it seem true.

  5. In my profession we refer to PPACA as Pee Pee Ca Ca.

    BTW, Chuck Mabry, God is not going to have mercy on a country that is in the process of commiting suicide. I don’t think Americans are stupid. I do think that many no longer give a damn and that many more rely on the government dole. Lazy might be the word I’m searching for to describe so many Americans today.

    • baileyoski, I’m 69 years old, a Vietnam Veteran, who is still working 5 and half days a week. And I give a damn about this country. I feel so sorry for the younger ones who are going to live under a corrupt and immoral government. Just pray everyday that GOD will deliver us from OBAMACARE and OBAMA,

  6. America has become “The Land of the SHEEPLE and The Home of the squeamish. May GOD have Mercy upon US.

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