Tea Party Ahead of Obama

During his recent speech in El Paso, President Obama thought he was being funny when he stated the Republicans want him to “build a moat along the Mexico-USA border, and, they want to put alligators in it.”

Maybe the President reads chain e-mails because I received this suggestion many times from my Tea Party friends for two years. What he fails to realize is that building a moat would bring the economy back by putting millions of people to work. It would be a joint venture with Mexico and the U.S.A. Think about the number of Mexicans that would stay home to work on the moat. The economy of the world would improve. How?  I suggest the moat be expanded into a canal connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. What a bonanza to shipping that would become. Oil being shipped to the Gulf refineries and to the Eastern U.S. would save hundreds of miles and save thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, thus reducing the carbon footprint and guaranteeing the end of man-made global warming.

This supposedly intelligent man fails to see the wisdom of this idea. It is a win-win situation. Implementing this plan would guarantee his second term. He can then steer his excess campaign funds to a Swiss bank for later retrieval. During his retirement he can use the Swiss account to buy Saudi Arabia and rule the Mideast as the true muslim he is.

By the way, this is my second serious proposal for solving the illegal immigration problem. I posted a piece titled Shovel Ready in October of 2010. Follow the link.
Obama will get a bill for a trillion dollars for my consulting services. I will put the money into a trust for all the grandkids he stole it from.

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  2. You support the government spending at least a trillion dollars to secure the border. Paul Ryan would not agree with your position.

    • kip. It would be better than the government bailing out banks, giving our tax dollars to illegals, fighting wars on many fronts, and raising their own salariers at the expense of retired Americans. A trillion here or a trillion there doesn’t seem to bother these tax and spend liberal politicians an long as they can buy VOTES. Wake up America before lts too late.

    • kip: I believe the government flushed a trillion dollars to buy votes. The trillion would have been better spent securing the border. A project of the scope I have suggested would provide jobs and if a joint venture with our southern neighbor it would be a huge lift to their economy also. An infrastructure project is also something that will provide jobs and promote commerce for hundreds of years. If Mexico wasn’t so damn poor, maybe there wouldn’t be so many of them sneaking to the USA with their drugs. Instead our uber-liberal government bribes them to come in droves.

  3. Grumpa Joe, your use of good old common sense is what is lacking in D.C. Putting people to work and solving the immigration problem is something to DEEP for our political ELITE. If they had enforced the immigration LAWS that are on the books already, there wouldn’t be a PROBLEM.

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