What Makes Obama Tick?

A few years ago I came across a book titled What’s So Great About America.” That title intrigued me. It begged me to find out what it is this author thinks about my country. The author, Dinesh D’Souza, was unknown to me. His name sounded different.  Perhaps, he is a foreigner who would see America from a different perspective.  I read his book and concluded that this man was my hero. Dinesh is a foreigner, but also an American citizen. He immigrated from India, and he does have a different perspective. It is the view of someone who sees America as a place of opportunity.

D’Souza is a conservative, and worked for the Reagan administration as an advisor. He skillfully explains in his book why the muslim world hates America, and thus points out the good things about America. It seems that the Muslims hate us because we have what they dream about, LIBERTY.

My purpose today. is not to review that book, but rather his new book titled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

In this work, D’Souza logically, and skillfully analyzes available data, and also Obama’s own writings. He compares the president’s actions to his words. D’Souza makes a logical analysis of the data to learn what makes Obama tick. He explores several directions before making a final conclusion about Obama’s mindset. He then superimposes Obama’s words to his action and compares these to his conclusion.  The actions and words support D’Souza’s theory one hundred percent thus making it completely plausible.

Throughout the 2008  Presidential  campaign, Obama challenged the Republicans to come up with new ideas to compete with his own new directions. He kept repeating, in a negative way ,”don’t come to me with your tired old ideas that don’t work.” Dinesh D’Souza has unraveled Obama’s vision and has convincingly  revealed that Obama’s ideas are not new. They are based on ideas dating back to the sixteen hundreds, and from his father’s thesis.

Regardless if you are liberal or conservative, if you are curious as to how Obama’s associations affect his thinking, or why he apologizes to foreign powers, or why he is bent on reducing America’s military power, or why he wants to transform America, you will find it in this inspiring analysis by Dinesh D’Souza.

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  1. Grumpa Joe, your answer to marriage coach was right on. Jimmy Carter was a better peanut farmer than a president. The FED , Paul Volkler, did more damage than Carter. What we need are politicians with less education and more common business sense. Lawyers don’t have all the answers. AMEN

  2. To me Obama’s objective, is to turn America into a socialistic THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. The only jobs added with Stimulus and QE1 and QE2 were government jobs. He is taking over what little free enterprise we have left. The vast majority of the country is on the government dole and has no idea about what is going on. Democracy equals socialism, equals communism, equals Obamaism. Bring back the REPUBLIC before it is too late.

    • Chuck; You have to read this book. It details exactly what you are saying. The difference is that you are able to see through the man with out a lot of investigation to prove that he is out to destroy the country. For those who don’t see through him
      this book provides the hard evidence.

  3. Obama is even worse than that buffoon of a president Carter. He must be a one term president like Carter. His misery index has to be off the charts.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • Marriage Coach: Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a rank amateur who did a lot of dumb things that he thought were right to do. Carter was not out to destroy the country, Obama is.

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