Who Cares About Jobs?

A good friend handed me a booklet titled “Breaking the System, Obama’s Strategy for Change,” authored by David Horowitz, and Liz Blaine. It took all of ten minutes to read the informative, but scary facts.  Basically, the author describes how the Cloward-Piven theory of overloading the welfare system is actually working. Blaine makes numerous references on how Barack Obama is using the principles to transform America.

I became exposed to the Cloward-Piven principle in July, 2009 when I wrote my piece titled Radical Overload.

The principle is so simple, yet seems to be so effective in heading us toward total government control. By itself, it is merely a strategy. What has made it evil are leaders with names like Clinton, and  Obama who embrace it. How can we be so stupid as a nation as to allow ourselves to be duped into letting a choker-leash be put around our necks?

I thought about current events and came to realize that Barack Obama is not really interested in creating jobs, or fixing the economy. He is smart enough to know that nothing the government has ever done to fix the economy has worked. The economy corrects itself with time. Meanwhile, he uses the high unemployment rates and the lousy business climate to his advantage. By extending unemployment benefits, he is training millions of new people to depend on the government and ultimately onto the welfare rolls. It is helping him transform the country toward socialism under the cover of helping those without jobs. As he soulfully asks conservatives if they are willing to let millions of unemployed go hungry, he has been busy regulating business. The new rules make it harder for business to turn things around. He has also used the economy and the use of the word ‘jobs’ to hide the fact that he has quietly refunded ACORN, an instrument of his transformation.

The president is resistant to fix the illegal immigration problem because he wants the flood of illegals to overload government agencies. Anything that overloads the system is a step toward his objective of total government control. Do you realize that the motor-voter law allows one to register to vote when he gets his driver’s license? Has anyone ever asked you to show proof of citizenship when you apply for a driver’s license?  This slick little loop-hole allows any illegal who can get a driver’s license to get a ticket to vote too. Doesn’t that right belong to legal citizens only?

Obama has left Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unregulated and untouched. WHY? Because he needs them to continue overloading the system. None of our elected representatives will take responsibility for the housing bubble, but it is they who created the conditions and encouraged banks to make sub-prime loans. They will argue that they didn’t have anything to do with making bad loans, but didn’t our presidents and our representatives pass and sign into law the Community Reinvestment Act? Does that count for anything? Our reps basically underwrote every bad loan without any legislation and authorization to do so. By the way, ACORN played a big role in pressuring banks to make sub-prime loans alongside our leaders.

What will happen if the country goes bankrupt, and millions more are dependent on the system? If the government has no money, they begin printing dollars. The flood of extra cash devalues the dollar and puts a burden on all of us. Think about paying ten dollars, or more, for a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk. Those commodities did not become more valuable, but your money has lost its value and it takes more dollars to buy the necessities. Seniors living on a fixed income will be the first to suffer. Next, will be those with low paying jobs. Eventually, even those who make big money will live the life of the social utopian.

When the government has printed so many dollars that cash is virtually worthless, how will it continue to finance its debt?  They probably won’t worry about paying the debt, but they will have 400,000,000 people to take care of. A lot of them are fat-cat-government-workers whom they will care for before they worry about us. Where will they get the money? Tax the rich. The rich will pay taxes paid with worthless money. Does that work?

It is my guess that Uncle will look at your nest egg. It could be your 401K, but by this time it has probably evaporated. No, they won’t want worthless money or paper vehicles like stocks and bonds, they will go after real things like buildings, land, resources, businesses, banks, factories, oil companies, etc. At this point we have entered the realm of marxist-socialism and Uncle owns your soul.

Read the booklet titled “Breaking the System, Obama’s Strategy for Change,” by David Horowitz and Liz Blaine. Click on the link, you can download the entire twenty page booklet.

After you read it, tell me if you are not convinced that Obama’s transformation of America is not happening, and that it is not based on the marxist Cloward-Piven strategy.

Better yet, tell me if you want to live in a marxist country.