Let Them Eat Cake

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks,” said Obama in one of his speeches lecturing bankers.

What he failed to understand is that those same pitchfork-wielding serfs could also turn in his direction. Yep, he got it right, but the pitchforks are coming his way. Twenty–twelve is just 730 short days away.

People are worried that they do not see any strong candidates that can beat him. It is my opinion that we can run a rattlesnake for president and win. It would do less damage to our country than POTUS has already done.  I bet the rattler could prove his citizenship back for several generations too.

Of course the amount of time POTUS has left to serve can be shortened. How many ways are there?

Here are a few:

1. Natural causes. The man does smoke a lot, and the list of diseases that smoking causes is endless, but it won’t happen, he is too young, and only the good die young.

2. By Resignation. Not likely, because he would have to give up the chauffeur, the cook, housekeepers, gardeners, the airplane, the helicopter, the motorcycle escorts, the private basketball court, world travel for the family, and the pay is pretty good if you count what he can steal or get from lobbyists.

3. By impeachment. The congress could use the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution and declare him mentally incompetent to fulfill the duties of the President. This is also unlikely because the liberal side still worships the ground he walks on, and would never agree on his incompetency even if it is proven that he is out performed by a squirrel.

Nope, we have to do it the hard way, we have to vote him and the remaining traitorous congress out of office. I look forward to the task.

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  1. I have to agree with Penny, having met Mr. Paul in 1998, I believe he is the only Politician who believes the Constitution as it was written over 200 years ago. Nice comment Penny.

  2. Ron Paul is pretty popular in Florida, and I think he comes from Texas. And the Texans know how to get things done,

  3. Grumpa, there are American People and then there are American Sheeple. Which one do you think ,can think for themselves?

  4. What damage has he done?

    • Are you serious?

  5. You have to watch those snakes, ( attorneys ), remember what happened in the Garden of Eden. We need a person who understands the constitution as it was written. And that man is “Ron Paul”.

    • I haven’t paid much attention to Paul. I’ll have to start reading up on him.

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