Slum Dog

I never thought in my lifetime that I would see my country turn into a beggar nation. For some reason the “Blame Bush crowd has taken it upon itself to punish us by outspending the Bush Administration. In order to show us who is boss, they have outspent W by four to one in two very short years. All they have to show for it are two  car companies, several unions, a defunct medical industry, a ruined housing industry, a crippled banking industry, nine and a half percent unemployment, and a seriously divided country. What a bargain. Aren’t we glad that we got all this hope and change?

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  1. I think the true unemployment figure is something over 20 per- cent. and I base that on the little town I live in. The governent controls all the statistcs, so they can say anything they want the SHEEPLE to believe.

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