An Obama-Care Anecdote

It has only been a few months since Congress immorally, and illegally squeezed through the huge Health Care Reform bill. The effect is already showing. Yesterday, I took my beautiful wife to her cardiologist for a check-up. She is currently paranoid about losing her healthcare insurance because of an incident that occurred this month. She received a letter from a collection agency. She does not do too well with any threat to her credit score. The overdue bill was $24.55.

Her secondary insurance is from the State of Illinois, and you may be aware that the state is on the edge of bankruptcy. The result is they are slow at paying their obligations. Peggy is the victim of their stupidity. Our visit to the cardiologist was the result of stress she suffered from the collection notice.

The real point of this post is our conversation with the doctor. The doctors are waiting to see what, if anything, Medicare will pay under Obama Care. If their payment drops to the level of Medicaid, well, his practice does not accept Medicaid patients. The practice cannot afford to keep an office open on that level of payment

Here is my advice to all of you liberal, progressive, socialist, baby boomer, ass kissing Obama health care reform, new Medicare recipients; sit down, put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye. There is an excellent chance that you will see a death panel of big government clerks before you will see a doctor.

How in the hell could you be so stupid as to believe that a government that cannot handle the cost of one social program (Medicare), that it will be able to manage a gargantuan (twenty-two hundred page) loosely defined plan?

Here is my wish for you:

I wish you eternal happiness, as you slave endless hours all your life to get a free happy pill from your new health care system.

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  1. Republican or Democrat, turn them inside out and they are both the same. Hooray for the politicians and the hell with ” We the People.” We want and need the GOLDEN PARACHUTE DEAL that they have. The odds against that are so high, they can’t be calculated.

  2. Maybe you should talk to your GOP buddies who passed the cuts to medicare payments formula (called SGR) back in the 90’s.

    Their law would cut medicare payments by 21% this year, but the Democratic Congress stopped it from happening.

    But I’m sure you’ll ignore this and just go back to your Tea Party shouting “keep your government hands off my medicare!”

    • Wrong you are Brother Bushy. If I had my way there would be no Medicare. The USA does not belong in the health care business. I prefer a single payer system; you and me.
      True the Repubs cut Medicare by 21%, and the Dems stopped it. Was that so they could cut it to 50%? Right now, the only reason I give a care about Medicare is that it is all I can get. I have to take it whether I want it or not. You can have it, but give me a rebate for the amount I paid in.
      You missed the point of my post. If Washington does a crappy job with Medicare, how do you propose they will improve with Obama care?

  3. Grumpa Joe,
    In all my almost 68 years, I have never saw government do anything right. Anything they put their hands on, turns into a, lets try something else. The Energy Dept, The Dept of Education, The Dept of Aviation, The Transportation Dept, and the list goes on and on. If they eliminated government waste they would be able to afford Medicare and Social Security. If they were part of the same plans, there would defintely be REFORM.

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