Wabbit War Update

The Alliance grows stronger in both members and resolve.  Today, awestruck sympathizers reached a new high as they proclaimed, “awe, isn’t he cute?”

As the actor William Bendix often said in the radio sitcom The Life of Riley, “it’s a losin’ fight.”

Meanwhile, Grumpa Joe sent S.O.S. messages to the Predator World requesting emergency assistance.

3 Responses

  1. Yeah, he is a cute little critter. So is the brand new Bambi hanging around the neighborhood. All the buds are gone from all our phlox, asters, and a few other flowering plants. The tomato plants have been denuded.
    Cute and loveable at a price.

    A picture of two on separate e mail

  2. Ah
    Better yet, why not call in Foxy Locksie.
    I believe he uses the stelth appoach..
    Under the wire, threw the mines and clamores using the low crawl.

  3. Think Tilla the Hun!
    Think Alexander the Great!
    Think Kingus Kon!
    Think Audy Murphy!
    Think Sgt. York, Gobble Gobble!
    Think Patton!
    Think Dalmer!
    Call in Droz for a Air strike, screw the neighborhood!

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