Smokin’ a Joint While Dreaming About Change and Hopium

Wild FireIt had to happen. The liberals are now blaming California wildfires on global warming.  Democratic Representative Linda Sanchez from California has gone on record accusing global warming for the current wildfires raging around Los Angeles. Do all of these people have their head in their ass? Have they ever read a book? Do they really give a shit about the planet earth beyond how it affects their personal welfare? California and wildfires are natural just as California and droughts are natural. If the underbrush is dry, it will burn. Many things can set off a wild fire, global warming might be one of them. It’s my guess that liberals have started more wildfires in California than global warming has or will in the next millennium.

In nineteen thirty-three, John Steinbeck wrote a story called “To A God Unknown.” The location of the story is a beautiful California farm valley, lush and green. As the plot comes to an end, the landscape becomes a barren, parched, dry earth. The valley was experiencing a cycle of drought. Each time the drought came the people had to move out to survive. Was that the result of global warming caused by carbon emissions? If  it was, I doubt it was due to cars and factories in nineteen thirty three. The population of the USA was approximately 120 million people, as compared to the current   315 million.  The number of cars has increased from about ten million in 1933 to  to 245 million in 2009. So what was the cause of wildfires in 1933? Was it methane from cow farts?

 Most likely they were caused by liberal democrats smoking a joint in the wilds as they dreamed about change and hopium.