Joliet, Illinois TEA Party

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What do I want to get out of this day? I want to send a message to the Weasels in Washington that their constituents are tired of them not listening. I also want to wake up the people of this country. They must be made aware of the danger that lurks in the power of our elected officials.

We have a little less than two years until the next election, I want those of us who sat by and watched to  become politically active, and work hard to throw the Weasels out of office.

Want me to name names: Obama, Durbin, Burris, Halvorson, and all Democratic Machine politicians who have become fixtures in their seats.  All of them need to pull their head out of their anus, and clear their brain from the fecal thinking that permeates their policies.

I do not propose a total shift to a conservative government, but I do propose a shift to a balanced government where there can be open debate. Currently we can replace the entire Congress with a rubber stamp, and do the same for a lot less money.

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  1. Good job! I think we need to push the issue of ILLEGAL ALIENS in OUR country. It is estimated there are 20,000,000! here! This is unbelievable! We must demand they all are sent back NOW! Hussein will offer them citizenship, you watch and see. We have the WORST ever government in place right now. We must all be prepared to do whatever it takes to change it, and fast!

  2. What I saw at the Joliet Tea PArty was a peaceful bunch of USA citizens who are all frustrated about hte current direction the country is headed. I thought it would be a population of white haired seniors. I was surprised to find that in addition to the seniors, an equally large group of middle agers, and an equal group of young people. They brought their kids too. there is a momentum growing that will become a groundswell of political activity to throw out the current crop of elected leaders. Many of us signed up to work for the new gubernatorial candidate that spoke to us.
    It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and today the lady who sang was mighty slim.

  3. Both parties have failed us, and now Obama is using DHS to set up arrests of Obama’s opponents.

    Even now the CNN and MSNBC morons are dismissing the tea parties as “radicial extremists” and Army battalions are being trained, in violation of “posse comitatus” to suppress political demonstrations.

    Soon we will have an Adolph Hitler dictatorship as retribution for slavery that none of us participated in or approved, but we will pay the price.

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