My Flag Flies Everyday

A passion of mine is watching young people develop into true citizens. Nothing makes me prouder than to hear about, or watch the escapades of my seven grandchildren as they grow. My deceased wife Barbara and I spent well over twenty-five years in the Scouting movement. She in the Girls Scouts, and I with the Boys Scouts. When I watched this video it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Teenager’s who have a grasp on life and express themselves so eloquently fill me with pride. It matters, what we do when we raise our kids. Every action, every comment we make imprints into their sub-conscious. As parents we must be careful of our actions and words in the presence of our young. As a grandparent my outspokenness is often heard by my grandchildren, and it will come back to haunt at a later time. I watch my kids cringe when I say things, or use politically incorrect words in front of the grandchildren.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Kirk a high school senior who founded an organization called “Turning Point USA.” His message is much like the one in the video below. Now, a new group called “im2morro”  co-founded by teen Audrea Taylor have  joined to do something about securing their future. I recommend you visit their websites and learn more about them. They are the future of America.

Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Three days passed since Nancy left the forsythia bush. Celia told her it would be a long hard journey. Nancy did not believe her. Now, she began to tire. She was still two days away from Luke. Her light was losing its glow. Her wings flapped slower than they did in her youth. I have to see Luke before the summer ends, she told herself. I will rest and eat. I must be ready to travel tomorrow.

She landed next to a pond on the leave of a Lady’s Mantle. Beautiful dewdrops adorned the leaves. Nancy took a long refreshing sip of dewdrop. That is good, she thought, and then she fell asleep. (1-Nancy Flies Up)

It was dark, humid, and warm when Nancy awoke from her nap. She drank some more nectar from the dewdrop and felt much better. Maybe I can fly a little bit further tonight. I have to see Luke soon. I miss him so much. She rested a little longer between the dewdrops. She saw the reflection of the night sky above. A star twinkled in the sparkling globes of dew. Her mind shifted to the message that Torch asked her to spread as she traveled, “Find Morty Angel.”

A yellow flashing light twinkled in the dewdrop next to her. It broke her concentration on the message. What is that? It looks like a firefly tail light, but it is not, I cannot tell for sure.

Automatically, Nancy took off and flew straight toward the light. I have to get closer. She flew right up to the light, but did not see a lightening bug. It is a ring of light. The light was larger than any she had ever seen before. Nancy flashed her tail light in response. Nothing happened, so she began blinking in synch with the mystery light.

Morty looked up at his curl and spotted Nancy’s flashing light. He made himself visible. That frightened her, and she automatically dived into the grass below.

Her spiraling dive caught Morty’s attention. He hovered above Nancy. She remained quiet. Her tiny heart pounded with fright. Her tail light went dark.

Morty circled slowly then landed nearby. He walked to where he last saw Nancy and blinked his halo to attract her attention. Morty knew how to talk to fireflies with his blinking light.

“I am your friend, I am sorry I frightened you.” He knew he frightened Nancy when he made himself visible. He saw her reaction, and her spiraling dive into the grass. The dive was the fanciest maneuver he had ever seen. (2-MA-Talks to Nan)

Nancy read the message in his blinks, and calmed down. Morty crawled on his hands and knees across the grass. He continued to flash his message. Nancy finally built enough courage to respond with a weak blink.

“I accept your apology,” she blinked

“I’m Morty Angel.”


“I’m Morty Angel.”

“Thank God. We’ve been looking for you all summer.”

“Me? How is it that you know who I am?”

Morty gently picked her up, and placed her into the palm of his hand.

“I can’t believe that I found Morty Angel. Can we speak without the lights?” she asked, “I’m getting tired.”

“Of course.”

God gave Morty the ability to talk with all creatures. Therefore, speaking to Nancy either by voice or by halo was easy for him.

Nancy told Morty everything she heard from her the ladybug. She explained how Torch was sending a message from the high bushes in every yard he visited.

“I know,” he said, “I saw his signal, but didn’t think it was for me. It finally dawned on me today.”

“You saw Torch’s signal?”

“Yes, and I was looking for him, when we crossed paths.”

“I can tell you exactly where he is, and then I have to find my son Luke.”

Morty asked Nancy about Luke and she told him all about the Firefly Air Force. She was proud of her son’s accomplishment.

“Wait for me, and I’ll help you find Luke, but first I have to find Torch

“I’ll wait Morty, it’ will give me a chance to recover some energy.” Morty got on Skye and followed Nancy’s directions to find Torch.

To Be Continued . . .


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