Hooked on Youtube

It all started when I looked for information about my hobby of Intarsia. I tripped on a channel called Cy’s Corner. I’ve watched nearly every episode of Cy’s and still don’t know what Cy stands for, it may be Cynthia. Cy is a lady with an interest in working on wood craft. She picked became interested in intarsia, and jumped right in to begin. She is fortunate to have a husband that buys her the best equipment available. On my side of the fence I proceeded with caution and bought cheap tools and decided later to upgrade. I’m on my third scroll saw and thinking I need to make another jump. I have similar ideas about my bandsaw.

Cy makes videos of each project she takes on, and posts them on Youtube. She has a silly side which she plays up in her intro and her ending. Aside from being an attractive woman, she is a talented artist-crafter. After Cy, I started watching several more out more intarsia artists. Like Judy Gale Roberts, who popularized the craft, by publishing several books with usable patterns. She has been at this sport since the 1970’s, and is also a very talented artist, and a superb wood crafter. I can list several more women who are very good at this and make a living by making intarsia art pieces.

My nature is to use things until they are totally used up. That means if I can repair something I will. I save manuals on just about every tool, or appliance I buy. Sometimes the manual is not enough to help me so I have learned that I can go to Youtube and find a video on how to fix just about anything. I no longer save manuals. Finding a video done by someone who is like me is much easier and more effective than trying to use a repair manual. The only problem I have with using Youtube is that I never just watch one video at a time. There is always something that catches my interest and causes me to want more. I’ve learned to subscribe to favorite channels in order to get a notification of new content.

When I cook I use two sources for recipes, 1.) my mother’s Hungarian cook book, and 2.) Youtube videos done by some great cooks. One of the best I found was an eighty something lady who reminded me of my mother and who cooked Hungarian meals. I guess what I am trying to get across here is that over the last two years I have become more and more immersed in using Youtube videos in my life.

My latest habit is to look for people who travel around the world in home made campers, or on a bicycle. This has opened my eyes to the world in ways I would never be able to do by myself. Just this week I decided that I will visit countries that I have no knowledge of, Like Mongolia, and Uruguay. I always loved geography as a kid, and I am still interested in knowing about places. There are over two hundred countries in the world so I have a lot of watching to do. I have reached a point in life where I do not watch regular TV any more, but I do spend two to three hours night watching tv series on Netflix. The stories I choose are most often so complex that watching the movie is nearly the same as reading a book.

It’s time for me to end this post and search Youtube for some videos on backyard railroads.

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