The New Gold

Today, I read a piece of junk mail which was eight pages long and printed on shiny paper. It contained but one topic namely lithium. The article went on about all the reasons why lithium is really a hot commodity. The main reason is our government’s love affair with creating a green new world, but it never mentioned the part that the government plays in promoting this brain wash. The main reason is the need for batteries to furnish energy to propel electric cars. One thing I thought interesting is the paragraph about power companies that are building huge batteries to store electricity generated by wind and solar.

Countries around the world that sit on lithium deposits are being touted as great investments. I compare this rush to find lithium the same as the rush to find gold in the 1850’s. The difference being that simple people are not leaving their jobs, to sell belongings to buy a mule loaded with shovels, and picks and life sustaining supplies. The one and only message coming at me from this fancy paper was that I should be selling my belongings to invest in lithium. Lithium is the main driver for electric transportation. I see the lithium battery as a simple replacement for a gas tank. The battery needs to be charged (filled) with power producing charge, while the ancient evil mode of transportation that got this world to where it is today needs to be filled with gasoline to work. The gas powered car relies on a metal tank to hold fuel which probably weighs under a hundred pounds and costs a couple hundred dollars to make. The electric car relies on a battery pack filled with lithium cells that weigh closer to a twelve hundred pounds and cost upwards of twenty thousand dollars to replace. Yes, batteries will need to be replaced after ten years of recharging. They won’t be dead but they will not hold as much charge as they did when they were new. So, an electric car that was able to drive three hundred miles on a charge will only be able to go a hundred and fifty miles after the battery becomes depleted. No problem, just drive to a dealer within the limits of the charge left and have them replace the old with a new battery pack, and you are good to go another three hundred miles per charge.

Part of the sell in this article is the financial opportunity that comes with the green new deal. The whole reason the entire world is foisting this fraud upon us is that the world will be cleaner and air will be purer, and nature will be happier. Except, they leave out the part about trashing the world to dig the lithium out of planet earth, and the environmental damage that will come as a result. A good look into the future of a lithium world can bee seen on the program “Gold Rush.” This reality TV program is a documentary of how modern day miners extract gold from Mother Earth. Basically they rip millions of cubic yards of soil to filter out the ounces of gold contained within. You wind up with a giant hole or trench and a huge pile of dirt, and rocks next to it. The labor involved in mining is as large as the machinery used to do the job, and the amount of fuel used to power the machines is in the thousands of gallons. Mining lithium is very much the same, except for one big difference, i.e. the extraction ponds used for settlement are filled with caustic fluid which is not healthy to man nor Mother Earth.

We are in a totally new world with this process. Past President Obama preached that he wanted to transform the United States. He never said what the transformation would be. He probably meant we were going to go electric and would rape Mother Earth for it’s latest gifts by desecrating the environment without regard to nature. Throughout this desecration there is not one mention of why we are doing this, like wanting to save Mother Earth from melting polar ice caps. Instead of losing land to pure antarctic ice-water we blindly and happily pollute the air and the earth with killing chemicals. The asthma created by releasing burned hydro-carbons will be replaced by asthma and cancer from inhaling toxic elements of batteries.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be worrying about health aspects of batteries since my life is nearer to the end than most citizens of the world, but I have lived through the battle to clean the air and water of the USA, and can proudly state that we did a fantastic job of cleaning things up. I do not want to put my offspring to the same levels of pollution that we enjoyed in the fifties and sixties. Instead I see a world that is jumping off the cliff into the cesspool of the unknown. Good luck!