When Do We Run Out of Sunshine?

It has been ten months since my roof morphed into a solar generator. Today, the electric bill arrived and I am happy to announce that I generated 865 kilowatts and used only 656. Not bad considering that it is only May and the really long days are ahead of us. The downside is that my usage has increased due to running a pond pump and air-conditioning full time. My bill for the month is twenty dollars which comes from taxes and delivery fees for the electricity I buy back. Our supplier announced a 42% increase in power costs and will continue to raise costs until hell freezes over because that is what power companies do. If my plan works out, I will not be spending my fixed income on electricity. Remember also that we will all be competing for electricity when the world turns to electric transportation.

Normally, I pay a fixed fee of $120 per month for power. The cost of the solar system is $75/mo. The bottom line is that I put $30/mo in my pocket and avoid the increases.

Real estate people tell me that homes with solar power are in demand so I shouldn’t have to worry when I am forced to sell my house to move into a long term care facility. If you can swing a deal like I did where I didn’t pay a single nickel out of pocket for the installation and I am saving cash too, then I recommend you cover your roof with solar panels. Turn your roof into a money generating machine. Prepare yourself for the day when your neighbors and their kids are charging cars when you want to watch your favorite soap opera, and the power company is running balls out trying to meet the demand with their windmills and there isn’t a wisp of a breeze anywhere.

My guess is that once the Greenies get past the global warming dilemma they will begin to pick on solar power because it will consume all the sunshine for power, and none will be left for tanning their lily-white asses.