Writing is something that comes naturally to some people. To me it is hard work. Writing requires one to use their brain, to think, to imagine, to postulate logical arguments. Today, my brain is in a mode which says “preserve your energy.” Why? That is a great question. Most likely it is because I changed my life pattern last evening and went to sleep a good two hours later than usual. When I finally collapsed into bed I found sleep fast, and it went uninterrupted for six hours. Even my sleep interrupting bladder was quiet last night.

As I write this I am struggling with what idea or theme I should follow, but I know that if I continue to spew words a theme will evolve. So far nothing.

Yesterday, was day one of a three day move-in by my step grandson. He has finally made a life altering decision to leave his father’s ghost behind in the house they lived in for seven years. Seventeen months ago, his father was snuffed in an accident involving a car and his motorcycle. After extensive investigation by police over the course of six months they determined it to be a no fault accident. Freddie was driving his BMW bike too fast and a little old lady in an SUV turned left immediately in front of him. Needless to say Freddie planted himself into the passenger seat of the Lexus. His death was sudden, at least we assume it was, and it was followed by a gasoline fire. The coroner would not release the body until he had verified it was him by dental records.

The sudden death of his father, friend, mentor, left Gerry in shock, and his grand-mother in a state of deep shock at the loss of her only son. Since Freddie was an only child his entire estate instantly transferred to his only remaining heir, his son. Think about that, one second you are a free thinking, free living twenty-seven year old, and the next second your responsibility became monumental.

The step grand son has handled that responsibility well, but coming home at night to an empty house to his father’s cat made him miserable. He finally cried uncle and I suggested maybe he should come live with us. It took but a nano-second for him to accept the offer, and his life instantly changed for the better.

When he arrived yesterday with the moving truck and opened the cargo door, the realization hit me that I did this to myself. I saw a huge truck load of furniture, enough to fill a five room house, about to be unloaded into my castle. Today, another load comes, and tomorrow a third load with the contents of a two car garage. After all of the stuff, he too will come and we will become a happy family of three plus a cat.

I knew it would happen. I started writing and I wound up finding a theme that I could write a book about, but won’t. I got it off my chest and now I begin to love this new life.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Hope it works for all of you!

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