House in the House is Occupied

My project this summer was to build a house inside my house by converting the totally unoccupied basement into a living space. I finished on time and the move-in took place. Now when I visit my shop I take a path through three rooms laden with furniture. I still have a few more tasks to complete before the space is completely finished. I need a new light switch, two more electrical outlets, and a closet ceiling light to install. As that is being worked on I will be filling open spaces between my shop and the new living space to stop dust from covering everything; about two months at the rate I am going.

My shop is a very well defined space, and it now has everything that doesn’t belong in a clean living space stuffed into every corner and in between the machines. I think the task of cleaning and organizing my shop will entail more work than the entire house in house project did. In the meantime, none of my art projects are being worked on. Such is life, and when change comes it sometimes becomes nerve racking and calamitous.

This evening I will attend my Lions Club yearly fund raiser dubbed the “Wurst Fest.” The past two years I avoided the crowds to steer clear of Covid, but this year Covid be damned. I need a night out drinking beer while eating bratwurst and kraut with my friends. Maybe I’ll build up enough steam to dance to the ooompa music too.

Guten Tage mein Kamerade.

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  1. I always wished for a basement, but in Louisiana, a basement is also known as a living room.

    • Here in Illinois a basement can become a swimming pool.

    • I meant to say swimming pool.

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