Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

I just love the way our society finds fancy new to describe old happenings. One of the latest news makers is how our government is dealing with aliens from outer space. In the sixties, and up until very recently the term used for describing odd sightings of weird things was UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. In todays’ news stories they are referred to as UAP’s or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. I guess one could say that UAP more accurately identifies a sighting of weird shit. They can’t change the word unidentified just yet so it stays the same. Trading Aerial for Flying might be more accurate since anything that can appear, hover, and then vanish in a heart beat does not fit the definition of flying as we know it. Trading object for phenomena is also probably more accurate since we have no evidence that what is being seen is a solid object, so it leaves the door open to allow visionary occurrences that are not solid, but perhaps gaseous.

Either way, our government is not opening up about what is has seen or not seen and seems to enjoy the confusion they cause our enemies. Also, recently, we have seen evidence of China testing hypersonic missiles, which could also fall into the UAP category. I know that our country likes to stay mum (secret) about any such science, but I also believe that China doesn’t have the brain power to develop something like an hypersonic missile or aircraft, but does know how to steal ideas and the complete plans for making such a device.

It is also strange to me that Boeing has not proposed a new airliner which would be capable of speeds much faster than current aircraft. Most likely because such an announcement would collide with any military development of the same. I truly believe that Uncle has hypersonic missiles waiting for an opportunity to squelch any attack coming from China. One day, we will learn of a mysterious explosion that occurred over the Pacific ocean, and we will find pieces of a missile with Made in China embossed in it. Of course no one will admit that we shot down a hypersonic missile because the Chinese don’t want to advertise that they failed, and we don’t want the world to know that we blew them out of the sky.

All of the UAP reports we see may be sightings of super missile tests being conducted by Uncle or his nemesis. If alien civilizations do exist they are so much more developed than we here on Earth that we appear rather neanderthal to them. We suffer thinking about sending men to Mars, yet aliens visiting us must travel much further distances to reach Earth and likely do so in much less time. We will need to travel a lot faster than the Chinese hypersonic missile in order to explore space, and trips to and from the moon will have to be happening on a daily basis from many places on Earth to many pioneer cities on the moon. The likelihood of me seeing any of these ideas in reality is very slim. Another hundred years from now we will still be arguing about man made global warming, and the Earth’s temperature will be the same as it is today.

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  1. “…the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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