Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

I just love the way our society finds fancy new to describe old happenings. One of the latest news makers is how our government is dealing with aliens from outer space. In the sixties, and up until very recently the term used for describing odd sightings of weird things was UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. In todays’ news stories they are referred to as UAP’s or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. I guess one could say that UAP more accurately identifies a sighting of weird shit. They can’t change the word unidentified just yet so it stays the same. Trading Aerial for Flying might be more accurate since anything that can appear, hover, and then vanish in a heart beat does not fit the definition of flying as we know it. Trading object for phenomena is also probably more accurate since we have no evidence that what is being seen is a solid object, so it leaves the door open to allow visionary occurrences that are not solid, but perhaps gaseous.

Either way, our government is not opening up about what is has seen or not seen and seems to enjoy the confusion they cause our enemies. Also, recently, we have seen evidence of China testing hypersonic missiles, which could also fall into the UAP category. I know that our country likes to stay mum (secret) about any such science, but I also believe that China doesn’t have the brain power to develop something like an hypersonic missile or aircraft, but does know how to steal ideas and the complete plans for making such a device.

It is also strange to me that Boeing has not proposed a new airliner which would be capable of speeds much faster than current aircraft. Most likely because such an announcement would collide with any military development of the same. I truly believe that Uncle has hypersonic missiles waiting for an opportunity to squelch any attack coming from China. One day, we will learn of a mysterious explosion that occurred over the Pacific ocean, and we will find pieces of a missile with Made in China embossed in it. Of course no one will admit that we shot down a hypersonic missile because the Chinese don’t want to advertise that they failed, and we don’t want the world to know that we blew them out of the sky.

All of the UAP reports we see may be sightings of super missile tests being conducted by Uncle or his nemesis. If alien civilizations do exist they are so much more developed than we here on Earth that we appear rather neanderthal to them. We suffer thinking about sending men to Mars, yet aliens visiting us must travel much further distances to reach Earth and likely do so in much less time. We will need to travel a lot faster than the Chinese hypersonic missile in order to explore space, and trips to and from the moon will have to be happening on a daily basis from many places on Earth to many pioneer cities on the moon. The likelihood of me seeing any of these ideas in reality is very slim. Another hundred years from now we will still be arguing about man made global warming, and the Earth’s temperature will be the same as it is today.

The Beginning of the End?

For the fourth time this year I left the house without my wallet. On previous occasions I left my car keys home too. As luck would have it, my wife was with me and the extra key is in her purse. Since the Death Star is a push button start it was her key that the car read.

This time, I was on my way to the post office to buy stamps and to mail some letters. I grabbed my ass pocket as I left the car for the PO door and felt ass, no wallet. I turned around and red-facedly admitted my error.

Is this the way Alzheimer’s begins? with little things like forgetting car keys? I recall some of the early incidents with Peggy and they were similar in nature. She began to forget little things. Once I found her staring at the controls of the washing machine, she was afraid to touch the buttons for fear of breaking the machine. This came from a woman who washed clothes every day for over fifty years. When we stopped at a rest stop while traveling, she always asked me to wait for her right outside the ladies room door, or a few feet away. She was afraid she would lose her way back to the car. Little things. On the face of my forgetfulness, I laugh at myself, but internally I fear for my life. I can’t imagine what I will do if I ever learn I have Alzheimer’s disease. My mother went through that process as well, and at first we thought it was somewhat comical, but later came to realize that forgetting the little things can mean a lot. There isn’t much I can do about it if it does happen. I learned from Peggy’s experience that taking the miracle drugs recommended will only make me another kind of vegetable. In her case I chose to take her off the medicine and take my chances with the predicted outcomes. Her doctors kept preaching to me that if she has another seizure she may fall and injure her head and have a stroke. After living with her on the drugs for a month I decided for her best interest she will be happier without the stupid drug. By the time I made that decision she was not able to walk anymore and was living in a wheelchair. How does one fall out of a wheelchair? I learned it is possible but probably unlikely to happen. One day I found her leaning over the armrest of her chair, her head nearly touching the floor. I quickly got her a chair with devices that would restrain her from leaning out of the chair.

Miracle drugs are great when they work. They are not unlike computers that are great when they work, but when they fail all hell breaks loose. Currently, the world is speaking out against miracle drug makers because they rape us with charges for the drugs. All we see and understand is the money leaving our pockets and we don’t really care about the drug makers profit and loss statement. This, I believe is very communist thinking.

I sound like a broken record when I keep telling my story about polio, also a virus. It was over twenty years before a vaccine was available. and we all relaxed when it became available. We didn’t argue that we didn’t want our kids to get it because it was against their first amendment rights. I remember getting vaccinated for measles, mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox and other terrible killing diseases. My parents were happy that we were vaccinated. Another thing, I don’t recall anyone asking if we wanted to be vaccinated, we were lined up at school and the health department nurse did the job. I thank them for taking the initiative to do what was best for me.

Oprah Corners Trump

A good friend just sent me a link to the video shown below. In it, Oprah Winfrey interviews Donald Trump and asks him about the possibility of running for president. His responses to her questions are not much different than what we have heard in his campaign speeches. The surprising thing about this interview is that it took place twenty-five years ago.

What his answers have told me is that not much has changed in twenty-five years. I am certain that is why Trump resonates with many people in America, he is just as sick of the same old same old as we are. His winning attitude and determination to make our allies pay a price for our defending them, or giving them complete industries without any remuneration is right on the money.

The  new world order that Progressives like Hillary and Obama continue to push down our throats is something we see in Star Wars. Yet, in the movie even though the world is united into one big governing  body they always seem to be putting down internal revolutions while sending Starships into the galaxy to fight off the evil in the universe. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like it is any better, or different, than what we are dealing with today.

What George Lucas has not given us in his Star Wars films is a look at what life is like on planet Earth. Maybe I should take that on as my next alternative history project. If ever I complete the book I started over a year ago I will attempt a story depicting Life on Earth during the Star Wars Era. I think I will need to drink a lot more wine to get those visions going.