The Death Star Is Sick?

My long time transportation companion is at the car doctor being lubed rotated and analyzed for sickness. The nickname I attached to this Toy comes from a recall of a few years ago when Toyota cars were running wildly off the road and crashing. The root cause was never really revealed but the Doctor installed special hooks to keep the floor mats from sliding under the accelerator and keeping it from retracting when foo pressure was removed. The shocking result was a car that decided to run wildly out of control. Happily, I have never had the problem, but the nickname fit.

Just now I got the diagnosis from the Doctor and the problem may have been located as an igniter in #3 cylinder. This is a 6 cylinder motor and this will be the third igniter to fail in fifteen years. That means three more trips to the car-doctor before the problem starts all over again. I gotta go now.