Odds and Ends

I may not look like I lost weight, but I did. It has been eight weeks since my last haircut, and I looked shaggy. My hair was long enough to have a true Donald Trump wave. After three days of failed phone calls, my barber shop finally picked up and I made a reservation to get sheared.


The appointment was for mid-day which gave me a few hours in the morning to attack a new project in the garden.. I transplanted a perennial called Brunnera which flowers blue in the spring time. The rest of the season it has beautifully variegated foliage. It loves shade and was covered by two large perennials that over shadow it. Even I who planted it and knew where it was in the garden had trouble locating it for the dig.


The backside of my house is in shade most of the day so I thought what a great place for this plant. That is where it is right now, in the shade but fully visible to all. I foresee a few more sister plants to make a larger spread of the flowers.

A second project was to locate an overgrown downspout drain in the lawn and to unplug it. It took a little probing in the lawn to strike the plastic pipe, Once found, I dug out the grass that had overgrown it. The thing was completely covered with grass roots and one could be standing on it and not know it. Next came a long hose to reach the downspout and to rush water into the underground drain. It took a few minutes but water finally began gushing out of the drain onto the lawn. Success. One down and six to go. These plugged drains are the cause of my gutters over flooding water. I might as well not have gutters the way these work.

Today is the day I spend with my friends at the Stray Bar. The bar opened over the weekend but it is limited to serving outside on their patio where the tables must be six feet apart, and no groups larger than ten are permitted. After knocking down a few at the Stray I go home to attend a Zoom meeting with my Lions Club Board of directors. Evidently churches and clubs are not considered important enough to allow meetings to occur normally.

Rumors of expected riots within Frankfort are just that, rumors. No such activity has occurred yet. Our town is too little to be significant in the scheme of things. I do know that we have lots of neighbors who are black. They live with us peaceably and are just as upset about the riots as we whites are. I venture to estimate that there are blacks living in every neighborhood within our town. They move here to get their kids into good schools and away from gangs.

Our Chief of Police published a letter stating how terrible he thought the George Floyd killing was, and he assured us that the men on the Frankfort force were trained to arrest people in a civilized manner. I hope he is correct, and that he hasn’t hired that one bad apple that spoils the bunch

The one positive benefit of the Floyd George incident has been the news switched from talking non-stop about COVID-19 to street riots and his death. So far, no-one has complained about not hearing news on COVID. Frankly, I am one who has lost interest in the virus, and my attitude has switched to “if I get it, I get it.” I’ll deal with it if and when it hits me. Of course when I catch it, news about the virus will become the main issue.

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