I’d Sooner Vote For Bernie

The news that disturbed me the most today is a headline I read. It seems Senator Chuck Schumer, head ass hole from New York, has told President Trump to talk to the Dems about the healthcare bill. I say we give Schumer the same treatment he gave the Republicans when he and his head turd Harry Reid stuck the (UN)-affordable Health Care Act up our behinds. Here is what I say to you Schumer:



If Trump, or the Republicans do ask democrats to participate they have lost my respect and my vote. I’d sooner vote for Bernie than a turncoat republican.

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  1. Can’t argue there lol our current politicians equal that of 4th graders, they act upon themselves and their own feelings, NOT, of the people, but I will give credit to Trump, he wants to pass things through legislation how it was intended, even though the literally insane democrats try to stop him out of their own selfishness, he still sends it to a vote, and tries and tries again, I respect that, unlike Obama who bypassed Congress who knew the resistance he would get for his unconstitutional, illegal laws and regulations, which no one brings up

  2. I’m what some call Ultra-Conservative.. so that’s how I vote, or observe who I like.. I don’t affiliate with a party, because you get lumped in with all the mentally ill people, so I’m far beyond Right of the Right lol but I have to comment on your title, that’s a terrible idea, but I’m willing to hear a rebuttal if you can name 1 successful Socialist country lol Venezuela? Lol Republicans and democrats have become an army and opposing army, they fight for themselves, and I disagree with some republicans, but I’ve never, not once heard a sensible argument from a Democrat, I believe you have to be in a deep mental illness state to agree lol but I feel your frustration, and agree with you.. other than having a socialist for president lol
    God Bless

    • I agree with you that Bernie is a poor choice. I figure if he were elected he would get less cooperation from Congress than Trump is getting. Let’s face it we don’t have too many choices.

      • Even though I don’t like Trump, but I don’t hate him, we have to have a conservative Republican, libertarian, tea party, or constitutionalist.. we can’t have any one labeled liberal, or democrat.. unless the constitution is meaningless to you(everyone) and you(everyone) lack morals, and you (everyone) hates everything about the US, and enjoy the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.. that’s basically the mantra of liberals and democrats.. destroy everything

        • Trump is okay, it is the Congress and Senate that sucks.

  3. Bernie has his appeal and seems so honestly sensible about many things. But I can’t see him dealing with Putin or N Korea or terrorist countries. For that we need Nixon or Reagan again.

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