. . . and Another Thing Or Two


Back to Hillary’s amazingly delivered speech. She bragged about how Obama had created fourteen point seven million new jobs, but ahem, she failed to mention the 94.7 million people who are out of work. Hillary and Obama seem very content with the fact the the phony unemployment rate is at  4.9%. They also are content knowing that 94.7 million people who could be working have given up looking for one of those sparkling fourteen million jobs she bragged about. I happen to believe a lot of the problems she is trying to solve with all her I believe ins would disappear if people had work. I am really curious as to why democrats are so content with so many people out of work. I think it is because they want equality for everyone and those 94.7 million people are all equally out of work. At the rate we are going it may become one hundred million by the time Hillary finishes her first term, and she will be sublimely happy that she has accomplished the Progressive goal of equal outcomes for everyone, i.e. except for her and her legion of government workers who live fat.

I’ll save another post by griping about something else she brought up as a positive, i.e. healthcare. She proudly boasted that sixteen million people who never had insurance now have it, but failed to mention the thirty-three million who are still uninsured because the cost is too high, and they don’t qualify for government assistance.

Half of the twenty-three ACA Exchanges went belly up this year because they weren’t able to make money. We are now faced with a country full of uninsured people who need healthcare but can’t get it because the ACA can’t handle them.

I hope by now you got the drift of my posts, i.e. a vote for Hillary is a vote to send the country into oblivion. What is the alternative, you ask? Donald Trump is your choice.

“But Hillary has eight years of experience in the Senate and he has none.”

Here is an excerpt from an article in the National Review:

“. . . In her eight years in the Senate, just one of Hillary’s bills got enacted into law. This bill designated the U.S. courthouse at 40 Centre Street in New York City as the “Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/438430/hillarys-senate-record-bill-renaming-nyc-building-her-single-success

Trump doesn’t have a proven political record to defend, but he can show you his successes on several very large projects. He has enough sense to hire people to do things that he doesn’t know how to do, and he sure as hell doesn’t believe big government is better than good old American entrepreneurship. His ideas may seem wild in foreign policy, but what have we to lose? His policy to put the brakes on Syrian refugees allowed into the country cannot be worse than those of the Obama Administration who is fighting radical Islamic terrorism by sneaking thousands of potential terrorist refugees into the country in the dark of night.

There is only one way to go and that is up. Hiring Hillary to execute Obamas failed policies is the wrong way to go up.


and Another Thing . . .

My earlier post was basically a rant about Hillary’s acceptance speech. I could have kept going but decided my readers had had enough in one bite.

If another presidential candidate announces he is going to fix the infra-structure I will puke on my keyboard rendering it useless forever. Last night, Hillary snuck in a phrase about creating jobs to rebuild infra-structure. So did Obama in two thousand eight, and again in two thousand twelve. (I’m sorry I had to spell out those numbers, but yesterday I fell asleep at my computer and knocked over a glass of flavored water drenching the desk and keyboard. Today the one, two, three, and the control key are not working.)

Back at the beginning of his first term Obama begged the all Democrat Congress for a trillion dollar stimulus package to keep the economy from collapsing. less than a year later he asked for another trillion, but only got $800,000,000. Remember shovel ready jobs? I am still looking for an accounting of where that money was spent. It is again my opinion that we could have replaced every bridge in America, built the wall across the border and a strung an EMI resistant modern electrical grid from shore to shore. Where did all that money go? It certainly didn’t build a wall, and it didn’t fix any bridges, and the grid is still declared vulnerable to EMI. One answer I get is that it went to bail out the banks. The Feds forced all the banks to take loans to keep the economy rolling. Later they leaked information the loans have all been paid back with interest. So where did the money go after it was repaid? Hillary is sure to ask for another trillion to fix things again while we drive on dangerous bridges and the unions get fatter, and fatter, and fatter.



Just My Opinion

Months ago I promised myself that I would stay away from blogging about politics. It was affecting my health. Yesterday, however, I watched Mrs. Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. They made it obvious to the viewer that this was a theatrical production. In one scene I saw workers handing out American Flags to the crowd. Why didn’t the delegates have their own flags I wondered? Later I heard a commentator explain that the Democrats did that to overshadow the many negative signs the Bernie Sanders people were waving. Another comment mentioned there is a poll that shows American flags appeal to Republican voters. There was not a single flag on stage during the entire convention.

One of my pet peeves is when a politician criticizes another politician for not divulging specific plans for how they will accomplish their agenda. The same person will then turn around and give a rousing speech in which he/she promises to change the world without a single hint as to how they will accomplish their goals. Last night was no different, Hillary chastised Trump for not having given any specifics about how he would accomplish all the tasks at hand. Immediately after that she went into her “I believe in” sequence where she promised the world a list of ideas which were just that, ideas. She didn’t offer any suggestions for how she would accomplish the mission except that she wouldn’t do it alone, and she would make the one percent pay a large share. She must have failed arithmetic, because the one percent doesn’t have enough money to support the current Big Government budget. Duh, why do you think the IRS knocks at the doors of fifty percent of the working population to collect taxes?

I have a message for Hillary, your list of dreams is a carbon copy of Obama’s and he also has not been working alone.  I won’t say he didn’t realize any because he has, but in my eyes even one is too many. She talked about how terrible it was for 94 million people to be out of work and that she would bring back jobs and rebuild the middle class. Hmmm, I think I heard that last week at the RNC.

Hillary won’t build a wall because her Neanderthal belief that Progressives should live with open borders and the planet Earth should be ruled by a single entity called the United Nations. How do you define a nation if there are no territorial borders? Why even have a United Nations if the planet is one giant country?  What she hides from us is that there is no middle class in a system with Progressive Big Government. There are Big Government bureaucrats and then there is us.

My opinion is if you or anyone you know wants this type of system ruling us, and the rest of the world, as one big place with only the atmosphere as the border then  go for it. History has shown that in every place this idea has been implemented, and there have been many, it has failed. Hillary and her Progressives will always argue that the last guys got it wrong and we will get it right. In the meantime you and I will be constrained to live the same as everyone else, that is except for the bureaucrats who are in charge of herding us from one corral to another. The bureaucrats will live high because they are smarter and better than the rest of us.The Progressive way of life is the twenty-first century caste system.

I am at an age where it won’t affect me too much because the life ahead of me is a lot shorter than the life I’ve had. The Democrats know that and there wasn’t a single mention of anything the Big Government would do for seniors. Instead their actions tell us where we stand. Shifting billions of dollars from Medicare to fuel Obamacare is one of the clues. Making it impossible for seniors over age seventy-five to receive some treatments is another.

My vote will not go to Hillary. She isn’t a leader, she is a enabler. All her life she followed in her husband’s shadow and continues to condone his behavior. Okay, I get it, he owes her for the crappy way he treated her, but I’m sure if Hillary was woman enough to satisfy his needs he might have treated her with more respect.