We the Police


Two minutes of TV news this morning caused my brain to melt and the big idea light to go on. Those of you who read me regularly know that I am a Patriot, and Patriots believe in defense of the US Constitution. Our government has tried its socialist ass off to fail our right to own firearms. They know that three hundred million people with guns would be able to take them down. They also know that we the people are thinking in that direction. There is one giant problem with this premise, i.e. who will lead such a grass-roots effort? Uncle knows that the three hundred million need a trigger. That many people just don’t wake up one morning and decide this is the day I take my country back. The trigger is someone who can organize and lead. Who among us will do that? Any attempt to make this happen will immediately bring uncle to our front door to knock it down.


Uncle also realizes that there is one system in the country that could become the organizing link. The system in place to serve and protect is the police. The police are highly trained and armed in tactics to put down insurrections, robberies, murders, etc. They are nationwide and are a brotherhood who regularly collaborate. Police would be one leadership link needed by we the people to begin a necessary overthrow of a government gone wild. It is hard to imagine that our police would be up to that task when they work with local governments to keep law and order. It is a stretch but possibly one which could work when the time has arrived. This is exactly why I believe Uncle is now demonizing police and wanting to turn them into helpless wusses in carrying out their duties. The TV thing that tips me off is Obama’s latest order to keep military equipment out of the hands of local police departments. O believes putting military equipment into local hands could be used against him. I am one who believes arming local police will work against me, except perhaps in the case I describe above when we will need the police to lead us into action against a government that has forgotten that it is a government for the people, and by the people.


This is the point when I go to say my prayers while waiting for the front door to come flying off its hinges as men dressed in black with full body armor, and pointing AK’s come rushing in to eliminate an old guy exercising his first amendment right.


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  1. Well my man, please don’t take this the wrong way, because I am probably the king of it, but you seem to be a citizen of Paranoia. Like I said, I am the king of this sacred place.
    Yes, your post made me laugh a little, I like that you want guns, do want the police to really big guns, while secretly being afraid that they will use them against the people, while not really wanting the big “O” to have them in case the G-men use them against the fucking lot of you…I think I summarised that quite well.
    Take a breath
    What is moonshine? Is it basically like a cheap vodka or something? Just wondering is all.
    Yeah, anyway, I forgot why I started writing this…

    • Thanks for the feedback. You are spot on because I tend to be paranoid, especially when my government does so many things to make me believe I will lose my liberty sooner than later. You did not offend me with your assessment of my post. Everyone knows that moonshine is light from the sun reflecting off the moon. Oh forgive me, I think you mean the drink moonshine. Moonshine, also called White Lightening is almost pure (180 proof) drinkable alcohol that is distilled illegally under the light of the moon in woodsy places out of sight of the revenoors (Federal tax collectors).
      You left out my suggestion that the police with their heavy military equipment might help we the people revolt against uncle.

      • Wow…I walked into that one, moonshine!
        Good one Joe!
        And yes, I did miss out the whole peoples champion part. I’m sure that deep down the police really just do it for the money, so they are basically, more colourful, less educated, less…well-off G-men. No offence to any law enforcer, I have great admiration. However, hoping they will turn on the hand that feeds them is a little naive. Just my humble opinion. What do I know? Ha! Moonshine….
        Shit, wish I could try it. I might fly out to Texas to sample me some o’dat moonshinkle drinkin you got there boy! (Hiccup)
        Yeah, police men in England have battens…and big hats. Not sure how they may overthrow the fucking Tories? Any suggestions my American brah?

  2. Grumpa, they will have to bring a lot of body bags, for you will definetly have some help.

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