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Today I heard something on the radio that was so preposterous that I had to research it to believe it. A study conducted in England shows that kids whose parents read them bedtime stories every night have a better chance in life than those kids who go to high-class schools. That didn’t bother me, what got my shorts in a knot was what came afterward. The author spoiled his piece by telling parents that their kids would be more equal in school if they didn’t have this advantage. Are you kidding me? If ever there was a nut job on this earth it is this British academic Adam Swift.

As parents we strive to give our kids every chance we can to make them brighter, smarter, more able than we were. If something I choose to do helps them then so be it. Why would I want my kids to suffer the same plight as those who are less able? Call me mean, but that is a fact of life friends. This business of white privilege is pure BS. What whites do can easily be duplicated by blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, etcetera. The fact that we do it, turns it into a white privilege?

Kids being raised in a loving two parent family is also a privilege. The fact that there are so many single parent families does not mean I should stunt my kid’s development to keep it fair for the other kids. Here is another argument for equality; eliminate schools altogether, and white privilege would be nullified.

Currently, there is a huge success story being revealed in the 2016 presidential campaign. One candidate, raised by a single mom, in a tenement, went on to become a world renown brain surgeon. Look it up folks, if Dr. Ben Carson’s life story doesn’t inspire you nothing will. What kind of privilege did he have? A single black mom who worked two jobs, and who couldn’t read raised him to appreciate reading. She made her two sons read in place of watching TV. That is it! Let’s turn off every TV in homes with school age kids all across the country to give them privilege. Except it won’t work without the second part of the privilege. Carson’s mother made them read books, and to give her book reports.

Why don’t these people, no, excuse me I mean assholes, just come out and say that they want to live in a communist world? Instead they plot to make issues like ‘White Privilege” a major impediment to reaching their goal to make everyone equal. Imagine a world where every single being is exactly the same, would you want to live in that world?

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