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If I understand things correctly, we have a puppet
president telling religions to change their beliefs,
congressmen who claim they need a raise, Islam
being taught in our schools, more blacks living in
poverty and unemployed, and a government that is
taxing corporations out of America.

And who gets the blame? Not the black president,
or the the legislators who caused the mess. We
privileged caucasians get the blame.

We’ve lost our status as a super power, our
military might has been drastically cut, many have
no respect for our flag, and veterans are being
vilified. Again, it’s said the president isn’t to
blame, or the DOD, or the House. We privileged
caucasians get the blame.

There is no debating these people because facts
don’t matter, being a patriot is almost a crime,
and we’re privileged caucasians.

It doesn’t matter laws have been broken and our
Constitution ignored, not does…

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