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It took me a long time to discover the power of visualization, and when I did I kicked myself in the ass for not doing so sooner. I learned how to play tennis in high school, and loved the sport. My biggest problem, I choked in a match. I was so worried about hitting the ball into the net, and losing a point I did just that. In my mind I saw the ball hitting the net. When the visualization thing came to me while listening to a positive thinking lecture my tennis game popped into mind. If only I had visualized the ball going over the net instead of hitting it. Oh well, it was too late to improve my game.

When I saw this image sent by my friend Mike, the visualization process came to mind. This diagram lays out an administration dream team. In my opinion this team would do two things for the USA: first it would set the country back on the correct track to economic recovery, liberty, and all the while staying within the Constitution. Second, the team would set back the Progressive movement about three hundred years.

DSCN4971Let me know what you think, I know what I’m seeing in my mind. The only change I would make is to get the photo of Scott Walker correct, I don’t know whose picture that is, but it isn’t Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin.

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  1. I love infographics and charts, so thanks for providing it. It probably does represent a dream team for some, but last time I checked you need candidates with a strong likelihood of winning the big election. These are all folks with dedicated, but small numbers of core supporters at this point, Cruz and Paul being the only realistic possibles. I would call Walker a pretty dark horse, for being so damn dull on camera. No wonder people can’t quite remember what he looks like 😀

    Most of the rest couldn’t get within a country mile of a nomination for any position. Paul would never work “under” another, and Allen West has that pesky “forced retirement to avoid charges” problem clouding his veracity. Sarah Palin quits whenever the going gets tough, and Michelle Bachmann said herself she’s had enough. John Bolton withheld info from both Colin Powell and Condie Rice when he was Undersecretary. No GOP President would have him back in a cabinet post.

    • Thanks for your perspective. They are all interesting characters for sure.

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