Stupid Is As Stupid Votes


After watching an evening of political opinion news programs I find myself laughing out loud. Every day someone presents another revolutionary expose that will bring  Madam Hillary down. After watching Obama win two terms when he should have never gone beyond the Illinois senate I have come to  the conclusion that the people who vote for people like Obama and Hillary don’t give a toot about a candidate’s facts, ethics, principal, their ability to lead, to think, or their respect for the United States Constitution.

My guess at this point is that Hillary will not only take the Democrat nomination but will beat the best qualified Republican ever to walk the face of the earth. She will do this not because she has a thimble full of ability to lead the country, but because she will appeal to the Cro-magnon instinct in the people who will vote for her because the idea of being ruled by a Queen appeals to them.

Hillary should have left Washington when her husband degraded her with his sexual escapades in the oval office. Instead she sold out for the prospect of becoming Queen which only reveals her true self.

Many new books will come out in the next fifteen months that will attempt to knock Madam Hillary off the Democrat pedestal, and many authors will make a fortune, but none of them will help take her down. Why? The people of America are too damn stupid to care.

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  1. Can’t stand her either. But she can get just enough electoral college votes from winning big in the cities of just 10 states which always go democrat.

    • That is the scary part of this society we live in. It is ruled by the highest density populations that do not represent in any way the large majority of the people.

      • It will take the MSM to LIE along with her in order for her to be elected. 

    • Sorry to say, the non-producers Mayelect the biggest LIAR.

  2. The government controlled education teaches the ” SHEEPLE ” to let the goverment do their thinking for them. The past 2 elections, the SHEEPLE have voted for CHANGE. Less freedom and more control by the government. They got the change they wanted.

    • The Sheeple will also have to live with their decisions a lot longer than you or I. Our revenge will come in the grave.

  3. I perhaps don’t know enough to comment on the specifics of the Obama of Hillary cases, but I would agree about your theory on how people vote. It is some aspect that may have nothing to do with performance, that gets picked-up and transformed into “this will save the world” trait that gets voted for. Is it charisma? Is it plain luck? Can it be created?

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