Black vs White, Evil vs Good


I sat meditating in church this morning and the conflict between Islam and Christianity came to mind. It surprised me to learn that Pope Francis spoke out about how we should deal with ISIS. A Crusade came to mind. In days of old Christians boldly marched from Europe on Crusades to convert the infidels to Christianity. The horror of ISIS reminds me of how horrible the Crusaders must have been. Yet the Pope who historically speaks about peace and love basically said the world needs to go on a crusade to kill the evil ISIS.

Evil popped into the screen of my mind, Lucifer, black and sinister. Ever since God created earth, man, and angels, God has faced attack from Lucifer the devil. Lucifer chooses to go against God. He challenges God daily with great fervor all across Earth He competes with God for man’s soul and mind. It man’s choice as to which path he follows. I see Muslims choosing to follow Lucifer.

Black is evil, and Islam is black, death, sin, and mayhem. White is good and Christianity is white, life, forgiveness, love, and peace.

The white crusader must kill the black scourge.

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  1. That picture is very distracting 😛

    • It took me a while to decide to use that photo. It seems somewhat erotic. Lucifer is always working to lure us, to tempt us, to seduce us, and we must continuously be on guard to avoid falling into his waiting arms. We are attracted to the dark side unless we keep a strong faith in God. Thanks for commenting.

  2. AMEN……………………..

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