A Look Into The Crystal Ball

For the past five years I have ranted about the evils of socialism, and the dangerous course our country is on with the current leadership. I am preaching to the choir, because I have not changed a single liberal mind. Liberal minds close to the ideas of conservatism. They insist on everyone being totally equal in everything. History clearly shows liberalism fails in every country practicing it.

This morning I took some time to read my e-mails and watch videos sent by friends. One video is striking and reinforces my message about the danger of  socialism. Some of you call it Progressivism, I call it communism. Please invest a few minutes of your precious time to view the video sent to me by my good buddy Ed. If you are liberal, open your mind for just a few minutes while you hear and watch this view of our future.


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  1. Democracy=Socialism=Communism. That is America today.

  2. Grumpa,

    I prefer the term Progressivism and refer to our current President as a Statist, but it’s all the same in terms of how Progressives think and act and how we view them. My mentor, Ayn Rand, saw this coming and she even wrote that Europe would be first. I often ask myself when Atlas will shrug and apparently it’s happening in France. When the best and the brightest and those who work hard to achieve success quit, leave or are impoverished by a tyrannical government, what are the leeches that are left going to live on? I, among many others, see it happening in the U.S. now. I have no answers just more questions. I’m not certain we’ve reached the tipping point of becoming a Socialist nation yet and I no longer believe that there is a political party that we can turn to for relief. It seems that no matter who is in power, the decline continues. I wish I could see reason to be optimistic, but…

    I’d love to hear from an optimist who could show me that things aren’t as bad as they appear.

  3. Now I’m really confused. Conservatism and communism are one and the same?

    • Nope, liberalism and communism.

  4. Your sampling methodology is anecdotal and too limited in size to make such global generalizations. France hasn’t done well using socialism, but some socialist places like Denmark have done better than even the U.S.

    Here are the Heritage Foundation / Wall Street Journals World Rankings of countries arranged in order of global economic freedom: http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking

    • I-M: Thanks for the link. When I refer to socialist I do not limit to economic freedom.

  5. If liberal minds are close to the ideas of conservatism, how, then, can they be equated with communism?

    • They are one and the same.

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