A Piece of History to Learn From

This is an incident I was totally unaware of. I have always wondered what would happen if “we the people” decided we have had enough. This video answers the question. It also answers why the local police are equipping themselves with armored cars, and military trained policemen.

Here  is another more recent example of how our government reacts to an organized citizen protest.

Why am I worried about these things? What will happen if our economy collapses and the country comes to a standstill. Bread costs a hundred dollars a loaf if you can find it, milk is two hundred dollars a gallon if you can find it, cars are out of gas and left where they did. No body works, and you begin to tear the woodwork off your house to fuel a fire to keep warm. What will happen then? The president will declare martial law, and suspend the Constitution. He becomes a dictator to save the country. He decides which camp you will call home from this point on. You will be killed if caught on the streets after curfew. We learn to live by a new set of rules, and our dream to enact term limits has vaporized. What will you do? The government is training for what they will do, but we will be an untrained chaotic mob.

I would rather solve the problem before we get to this point. That is why our government has to live within the constraint of a budget and not spend more than it can afford. Overspending will ultimately result in economic collapse.

Call your Representative today and demand that he/she support spending cuts, and the repeal of the ACA.

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  1. Remind anyone of Germany before der Fuerher? During the Great Depression, the government of the United States was seriously worried about revolution. Hence the strong armed tactics of folks like General Pershing clearing out the Bonus Army in 1932.

    • baileyoski;
      In 2013, the Progressive government of one Barack Obama has us all wondering how hard he will come down on us. His handling of the shut-down by keeping a heavily (un)armed mob of wheelchair bound WW II Veterans from visiting an open air memorial dedicated to them really shows the true character of the man.

  2. Grumpa, thank you for the video’s. It lets you know that government has placed itself above ” WE THE PEOPLE ” for a very long time.

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