A New Leather Jacket

This piece of British comedy came to me from a grammar school buddy, and retired saxophone player Bob.

Why are the liberals so anxious to mimic the country we fought our ass off to break away from? It is sorry that we follow in Europe’s footsteps instead of advancing the world toward a more just and exceptional population that fends for itself and cans big government.


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  1. wonder when it will be okay not to be politically correct….
    do we pass out leather jackets?

    • It is always okay to be politically incorrect. Political correctness is a bunch of Progressive bull crap, and we buy it.

      • well some don’t buy it…we are just charged for it LOLs..
        payment upon demand I guess….!

        • Isn’t it strange that our tax-payers don’t understand the source of wealth re-distribution. I don’t work anymore but I suspect I pay more taxes than my working kids.

        • my nephew is a hmmmm well he doesn’t work(39yrs old) but he got over 6000.00 back year before last….
          I just don’t understand that…but then I never was good at new math, I only know arithmetic …and too olde to learn I guess…
          I suspect they will figure it out soon because the trickle up in “change” will catch up with them
          I hope I live long enough to see …but I won’t hold my breath…

        • I think we all have a nephew story. My step-nephew is 58, collects SSI from a few weeks in Marine basic training. Somehow he managed to get a discharge that kept him free and clear. The VA, yes he gets VA care because of his discharge, has declared him bi-polar. In the real world he is a drug addict-alcoholic, but the VA coddles him to keep him on welfare. Since then he has spent time in jail and has never worked at any job longer than a year or two. Very sad sack.

  2. It may be funy, but the TRUTH hurts.

    • Did it feel like you watched yourself in the mirror? It did to me.

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