No Excuse For Not Exercising

For my friends who sit in front of computers all day passing around funny stuff here is a solution for staying fit through exercise. One picture is worth a thousand words.


An Opportunity for a Nap


Nothing puts me to sleep faster than listening to a Obama press conference. There is something about the way he answers questions that does it to me. Maybe it is the systematic and rhythmic way in which he says uh, or duh in the meter of his answers. Whatever, he does it to me. I sat drinking coffee this morning after a really good night’s rest when he came on TV. Within five minutes my head bounced off the table and I rejoined reality.

He is the master of spin. His answers could be made more simple, but he insists on expressing himself on, and on, and on, and he makes it sound droid-like. Imagine if you were the reporter asking the question. How would you dig through the words to find the answer to your question? My guess is that reporters record what he says, and then take it apart word by word after they return to their desk. After listening to his answers once again they decide to make up whatever answer they think he would like them to write.

I wonder how they stay awake through it all.

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