Broken Balance


I’m tired of hearing about the fiscal-cliff. I’m tired of the posturing of the behemoths in Washington. Let’s call a Spade a Spade. Obama’s version of a balanced approach is “I tax, I spend.”  We the sheeple of the Divided States of America will pay the privilege of converting to communism.

If I were a gambling man I would start a huge block pool to predict the date on which the DSA goes totally insane, and becomes a communist nation. My guess is that it will be a lot sooner than we think.

Why am I so cynical? Here is why:

The war on God

Being rich is evil

Working is evil

Job creators are evil

Profit is evil

What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine

Big government is the answer

No one wants responsibility

The war on Christmas

Muslims are good only a small percentage who are radical are bad

Food stamps are good

Free phones are good

Welfare is good

The one percent are greedy bastards who stole all the money from the ninety-nine percent

The forty nine percent who do not pay taxes deserve more tax return

Hollywood stars know what is best for the country

Obama is the Savior

Atheism is the new religion of the country

Guns are evil

Killing dictators is good

Sponsoring gun running to Mexico is good

Covering up by telling the people of the DSA a deliberate lie is good

Ignoring the  law is good if you are in charge, it is bad if you are a sheeple

Spending without limit is good if you are in charge

Spending without limit if you are a sheeple is bad

Taking vacation is good if you are in charge

Taking vacation if you are a sheeple is not economically possible

Borders are for sheeple who want to know when they are in Mexico

Mexicans don’t have borders

Show up to vote who ever you are

Vote as a proxy for your dead relatives

Show a photo ID to cash a check

I’m tired, I can’t go any further without taking a break.


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  1. there is not alot to like about your list….sad isn’t it that people who
    see the reality of that “fiscal cliff” are labeled fear mongers
    we have been picking up speed for four years falling off that fiscal-cliff
    and I do believe at the end of this four years Obama will have his golden crown polished and ready to sit in that throne he is having built to fit the head on his shoulder that is growing larger with ego and arrogance every day….
    I don’t just hold him responsible though..each person sitting up there making decisions is helping him polish it. and add one more jewel at each Americans expense…..each time a member of either party just sits there twittleling their thumbs and does not stand up and say what is really going on is a coward….they have no ethics or honor…
    yes GrumpaJoe….I am sick of hearing about that fiscal-cliff too….
    I wonder if all who sit there and let obama being king will enjoy the role of court jester…..

    • I think we are all in the category of “court jesters.” Thanks for commenting.

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